Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We bought a new printer!

Our old printer (Brother) is still working but only for black print but with the color, there is problem with it. Everytime i print? instead of having a great color then it ends up showing the color green. Mike said the color red is not working anymore, we need to buy another cartridge. So instead of buying a new cartridge we end up buying a new printer. We bought it last Saturday, we had new Canon Pixma MX700. Its really nice, it really works good and i like the way the set up is. I can even print a photo because you can put your memory card and you can see the photo you want to print. Its kind a neat huh? Mike takes too long to set up the printer because at first the color is not working only the black but he find the ways how to work the printer and im so glad its okay now. So i can use the printer whatever i want especially in printing photo. :-)

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