Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What a lovely day!

Im very happy that today is sunny and its not windy not like yesterday. This is what i like in a weather. At least i dont need to wear jacket when we go out with Dustin. After lunch, Dustin and I go out and pick up the mail, we walk around the block too. When we get home, i let him play outside in our backyard while me is picking up the doggie poop. After that i gave cocao and bandit (pitbull and jackrussel terrier) a bath because Mike bought them a small round pool. Dustin wants to take a bath too but the water is too cold for him, so i just let him play and do splashing in the water. He likes it! he is really wet when i let him in. It was funny though because he even dont want to come in, but he need to change and i need to give him snack too before he take a nap for the afternoon. I fall asleep too when i woke up i remember that i need to thaw the meat because its frozen. I need to cook that tonight so it needs to be thawed. Im so happy because it was lovely day out and i do a lot outside with Dustin for the day!

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