Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Quick Update...

Since i lost my page rank, its hard to grab tasked now. I dont have any tasked for the day so its kind a sad but thats what it is especially if you lose your page rank. Hope my page rank will come back, i need to work with my content and backlinks so that even i dont have tasked at least after few months i will get my PR back. This morning instead of chasing and waiting for the opps, i just enjoyed myself watching youtube videos, one of the koreanovela title "To marry a millionaire". Its a very good story. The actor is really good looking and the actress did well too. Then in the afternoon when Mike get home from work, we go out and walk at the mall and have dinner in the food court. We let dustin play in the kids playground at the mall and he is having fun. When we went home, dustin is already knock out hehe :-) Im kind a tired but im craving strawberry icecream right now and im so glad because Mike bought me 2 galloon of icecream :-) that was so sweet of him to buy me my favorite icecream!

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