Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Late Coming Home...

Mike will be late coming home tonight. So that means, we will miss the theocratic school meeting for tonight. I dont feel like going too alone with Dustin. Maybe next week we will attend tuesday meeting and will not miss it again. Its still windy outside, when i go out and pick up the mail with Dustin i noticed that our one trash can is gone and i only see one in our garage. I dont know where it go hehe :-) maybe our neighbor took it. I dont know but will see... we will going to find it. I just done cook our dinner, pick up the dog poop and feeding our dogs. So i check my email right away and im glad they give me another tasked for the day. Im so thankful at least i make another 4 tasked this day. :-) $30 for 4 tasked is not that bad. So hoping that i can get more tomorrow. Im still waiting for mike to come home and im so thankful that Mike's mom call her this afternoon to congratulate us for having another baby. Im so glad that she is happy to hear the good news.

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