Thursday, April 10, 2008

Just got a call...

A toll free number always calling us since last month. Its the same number, i dont know but everytime i answer, I only hear electronic voice, so i always hang up and never answer it again. But they always calling us. This morning i receive a toll free call again but i didn't answer but at the second ring, i thought it was the toll free again but its not. Its from Renee my book study instructor. She told me that she's back from Washington and she ask me if i feel better so that we can have personal bible study this afternoon at 1:00pm. I say yes of course because i feel better now and its been a long time i never seen her. So its nice to see her back and im looking forward for our group bible study tonight because we will going to have our threat night where everyone can bring some threats and share to everyone, just like a group threat night party :-)

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