Thursday, April 17, 2008

I feel dizzy...

This afternoon when i woke up with an hour nap, i feel really dizzy and my back is really sore. Its already quarter to 5:00pm when i woke up with my nap but im glad when Mike called he told me to just relax and sleep but i cant because i still need to cook our dinner, i dont want to spend money right now for dinner because we have more bills to pay and we still need to save. I cancel my personal book study this afternoon because im not feel good but im still keep doing my tasked. I dont want to miss all the tasked i have. So eventhough i dont feel good im still trying to move and do something because if i just lay down, maybe it will get worst. I still feel dizzy today, my eyes is hurting so maybe i need to take a nap right now while Mike is cleaning the kitchen. So happy blogging everyone!

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