Friday, April 11, 2008

K2 Inline Skating

I love skates but I never tried to skates using roller blades. Way back in the Philippines, me and my friends go to skating rink just to skate and have fun but when I moved here in Colorado, I never had a chance to skate and I don’t know if I still know how to skate or not. My husband has 2 skates here in the house. The other one is from Kyle and for him, I want to try it but its too big for me. Well, maybe I need to buy a K2 Inline Skates that could probably fit me. I like the modern style skates, so Im very glad when I came across this website at They have 2 different kind of Inline Skating including the fitness/rec skates and aggressive skates, you can either choose one of them. You can also get a protective gear at modern skates. This is really a good website to shop online especially when it comes to Skates. So if you are planning to buy Skates then modern skates is the right website for you.

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