Friday, April 11, 2008

Improve your communication skills...

Do you want to improve your communication skills and learn more about it? I am not good in my communication skills sometimes I am having problem communication others because of language barrier. My English is not that perfect but I try to understand what people say and tell about me. When someone call me on the phone, sometimes it bothers me a lot because there’s some words that I cant understand, I need to ask them again for confirmation and im glad they tell me again what they want to say for the second time.

Are you having problem like that too? Well in communication, you need to listen and understand every details of it so that you wont end up having problem for misunderstanding the conversation. Training is a good thing too to improve your communication skills. If you are working at the customer service telephone then you need to learn how to be an effective, motivated worker that know how to communicate well to your customers. I found this, they produces and distributes animated software products designed to train, motivate and communicate with employees. They are using ToonUp Cartoons to train how to be an effective customer service. Isn’t that fun if you just see a cartoons video who do the right communication so that you can learn more and it gives you more ideas on how to improve your own communication skills? I love watching cartoons and to learn about communication skills is a good thing, I really need to work with it or else I will always be the same.

What marastar website can offer? They created a fun and engaging Animated Sales Training and Customer Service videos called the ToonUps. They offer different kind of topics including the customer service topics, sales training topics, human resources, office professionalism and motivation and recognition topics. So if you are interested to learn more and to improve your communication skills then visit marastar and see how fun and exciting it is to watch the videos and at the same time you can learned a lot from them.

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