Friday, April 11, 2008

10 Reasons why I blog?

i got tagged by Lizeth, thanks for passing this tag to me, i really appreciate it.

So here are the 10 reasons why i blog:

1. i can share the interesting/adventure moment happen in my life.
2. I can post some photos of me, mike and especially my little one dustin.
3. To improve my writing skills and english.
4. Its like a diary you know.. it remembers you everything if you write on your blog than in the paper. Its easy to access and read, everyone can understand it because its not hand written.
5. Blogging is interesting, and i want to learn more about blogging.
6. To earn and meet new friends online.
7. I want to express myself through my writing.
8. Blogging is fun because you learn how to work with the traffic and let your viewers leave their comments and say what they think about what you write.
9. You can write everything you want without no one telling you what to do and write.
10. You can learn, you can earn, you can met friends and its a good source of income though. hehe :-)

i'm tagging the following: Janet, Rosemarie, Laradee, Joy and Weng.

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Lizeth said...

thanks for doing the tag, fe :) *hugs*