Thursday, April 24, 2008

No book study for today

Thursday is my personal bible study. But how can i have my bible study if i dont feel good? Im glad Renee called me and ask me how i feel, if i feel better or not. I tell her that i dont feel good, maybe we can try another Thursday again, it depends if i feel better next week. My second pregnancy is not as good as my first pregnancy. I always feel sick this past few days, always tired, sleepy, back pain, i dont have any energy today to do something in the house, i just need to relax and lay down on the bed. Well, i will do that after im done with my 2 tasked. When i woke up this morning i feel like i have a sore throat. My voice is terrible today hehe :-) i cant even talk a lot, its hurt everytime i swallow food and drink water. Is this normal for the early pregnancy?

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