Monday, April 21, 2008

Just waiting...

I was upset this morning because i never get any tasked. So instead of checking and chasing any opps then i decided myself to watch youtube videos to keep myself busy and entertain. I watch the koreanovela title "To marry a millionaire", im on Episode 14 already and its really interesting love story. The actor is look like Philip Salvador but he is really good looking guy. The girl is cute too but i dont like the way she dressed only if she dressed casual because she look pretty hehe :-) Anyway, this afternoon im so happy because when i check one of my advertising, i found 2 tasked for me, so im really feel excited. I thought they wont give me any tasked but im glad they still give me some even just 2 :-) better than nothing you know hehe. I am just waiting until my page rank will increased and its okay even they will just give me one tasked per day.

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