Saturday, May 31, 2008

350 emails...

Yay, i got 300 emails. I didn't check my mail for 6 days and i cant believe i have this many. Its not important email though, many of them are junks and advertisements. I just delete it all and just confirm my inboxdollars and sendearnings email confirmation. Anyway, it takes me about 5-10 minutes to delete the junk email and im so happy to be back again. Not having computer for 6 days is very tough. I better have computer than TV. I admit that i am addicted to computer but of course i never forget my responsibility as a wife and a mother of my 2 year old son. I have enough time to clean the house and do my thing here online at the same time. My day this couple of days is really not that bad. Instead of thinking about computer, i just spend my time to my son, play with him and teach him how to read, we watch movie together and play outside the yard. I make a sketch also and just relaxing for the day while waiting for our computer to be fixed.

Im back people!

Hello to all my fellow bloggers, thanks for keep coming back in my blog i really appreciate it. Im happy to be back! Im gone for 6 days and its hard for me not to be online for that day but i cant do anything about it, our computer need to be fix and restore because we got 8 viruses on our computer. Our computer has been at Best Buy for couple of days. So it means i cant get online for 6 days. Its sad and i really missed talking with my family, check emails and do my blogging thing. Im glad its done now and we got our computer back. We got it last night at 9:00pm and im so happy with it. At last i can watch my favorite telenovela and tv series at Youtube and also blogging! i missed my blog and i missed all of my fellow bloggers, i missed many reviews this past few days and i cant wait to write a review and earn extra cash as well. So hope all of you are well and happy blogging to all!

Monday, May 26, 2008


Saturday and Sunday is Jehovah's Witness Convention at Avilon Theater. We didn't go on Saturday because i dont feel good so we decided to attend the convention on Sunday whole day. 9:40am - 3:35pm. Its really good to attend convention, we learned a lot about Jehovah and meet our fellow brothers and sisters. Dustin been a good boy because he sleep for the whole afternoon and woke up when its done. I am always yawning that time, i try not to yawn but i cant help myself, im really tired and sleepy. Im glad i didn't fall asleep in the middle of a talk that given to our fellow elders. Im looking forward to our next convention that will be held at Pueblo this coming August. :-)

Computer Problem...

Sorry for my late update, i didn't had a chance to update my blog because i am having problem with my computer. The loading is very slow, everytime i move the mouse down, it hanged. I dont know why this thing happen. Maybe because Mike accidentally delete some of the files. He also delete the unused folder where all the un-used icon is there. Now he is having problem also installing his favorite game "Space Ranger". Today is Memorial Day and were glad that Best Buy is open so i think this afternoon we will bring our PC at Best Buy and they will going to check it if there's a problem or not. Maybe we need an anti-virus or a new firewall software. Will see what happen this afternoon. :-)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Renewal Event Planning Company Center of Attention

Wedding is the most precious moment that every bride are wishing for. Wedding only happens once in your life and of course you want to make it more especial and memorable right? So when it comes to Wedding Planning, maybe you want to try the where they planned the Snoop Dogg’s Wedding and mention that they also planned Sharon and Ozzy’s Wedding Renewal. It means they are very popular Event Planners for Celebrity. If you want to feel like a celebrity then the Renewal Event Planning Company Center of Attention might be the right one for you. They are a full service event production company and they are ready to travel and tackle your event in any part of the world. So wherever place you are, they are welcome to help you to your wedding. They will brainstorm with you and get to know you personally and style so that you can have a very memorable wedding ever. Why not visit their website right now and see the video where they show the Wedding of Snoop Dog’s, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s Wedding Renewal. Its very interesting and maybe you will be interested at their service. Give it a try and feel like a Celebrity to your wedding day!

Mike help me out...

Im so glad Mike help me out with my review tonight. Im having hard time on how to start my post and im glad he is there to help me. He help me for one of my review and i do the rest hehe :-) I know my English is not that good, nobody's perfect anyway. But the important is, my readers understand what i am saying. Its late already and everyone sleeping except me. I can wait until tomorrow to finished my post. But before i go to bed i need to finished my last tasked for the day. Happy blogging and good night!

ARAID automated data backup

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Business Intelligence Software

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Dustin holding the puppy...

This is a new picture of my 2 year old son Dustin. He is holding a puppy and as you can see at this photo, he looks so happy to hold the little puppy. This is his first time to hold a puppy, his laughing a lot when i took this photo, he felt overwhelmed holding the puppy on his arm. Love this photograph :-)

Black Friday Sale

Do you like to shop online especially if its Black Friday? Black Friday is the day after thanksgiving and I know many of you are looking forward on black friday sale. Just like me, I don’t shop online that much but if I find interesting stuff that I like then I bought it online. Anyway, im kind a picky when it comes to shop online. I always looking for a very good deal and more discounts sale thats why I am waiting until the black Friday sale, on that way I can save money for my online shopping. Then why not shop online at It wont cost you much because you don’t have to drive, you can do it to the comfort of your home. You can save more for gas and time. So, How do you like to purchase the items online without having to stand in line at the store? Isn’t that a good idea? Actually when I visit the website at, it makes me interested right away to shop online at their website next time. And im looking forward to save and get the discount codes to my favorite merchants like Khols, BestBuy, Target, Sears, Wallmart and a lot more. Visit now and get the discount codes at

Customer Service or No Customer Service - Part 4

Baby Monitors

How important it is to monitor our babies when they are in another room? Many parents nowadays monitor their babies especially if the babies sleep separately to their parents. So as a parents, they put baby monitors at babies room so that they can listen for different noises made by your kids and babies. When Dustin was born, he sleep in another room and it makes me worried sometimes because we don’t have baby monitor that time but im glad Mike bought me one so that we can listen when Dustin is crying or making noises. It helps a lot if you have baby monitors. So if you are looking for a baby monitor, I know a website that can help you to compare baby monitors, they provide different types of baby monitor and you can choose the one that you like either with videos or not. Babies are the most precious thing that all parents wanted. If only us parents can watch our babies 24 hours a day then it would be great that’s why they provide this baby monitor so that we can monitor our baby even they are sleeping.

Funny videos at

Are you those kind of people that is weirdos and goofs? Why not play along at where you can find how mens lifestyle is. Their you can enjoy watching funny videos and share your weird photos too. To those who don’t know bush league yet, they are the internet super-team of well informed, poorly behaved experts for all areas of life. They also brings high brow, low hanging fruit to market everyday. The essential tools that every dude needs are in bush league so why not take a look and see how bush league can help you. I am sure weird dudes out there will be interested at this website. The good thing is bush league knows how to meet women, bet on sports, pick the top tech and grill the perfect steak. If you want to ask advice, they can help you with that too so try it now and visit their website for more information.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Hello to all my fellow bloggers out there, Wish you all "happy friday". Today, the weather here is not as good as what i thought. its kind a cloudy outside and it seems like it will going to rain this afternoon. When i woke up this morning, im kind a worry also that maybe my sister from the Philippines wont get the money that i sent from them through Western Union via Phone. The reason is, they mis-pelled the name of my sister instead of Imelda they put it Rinelda. I know Western Union in the Philippines is kind a strict, they always looking for an identification card or ID. If the name mis-pelled they wont considered it. I receive my sister miscall this morning and i call the western union right away to clarify the mistake and im glad they fixed it right away and change the mispilled name of my sister. So now, i dont need to worry about, i think my sister will just get the money tomorrow morning because its already late and i am sure western union is closed this time. Hope everything will be fine, i know they need the money for the enrollment of my niece.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Collectibles and Memorabilia

Tired of going out to the mall all the time? Give something new a try at At you can find almost anything that you can find at the mall from the comfort of your home. Just sit down in front of your computer and type in shopwiki, at their online store you can find all kinds of great stuff like collectibles and memorabilia, documents and currency, toys, collectible cards, cigars and pipes, decorative items, natural world and other interests. Actually my mother-in-law loves to collect spoon and im glad I found a Collectible Spoon at shopwiki. Not only that they also have figurines, decorative plates, rock and minerals that I am sure you would like. How about collecting coins? At ShopWiki they also have coin collecting buying guides, it helps you to find different kind of coins from U.S Coins, Error Coins, World Coins and Ancient Coins. So what are you waiting for? Shop now at!

Friends around the world tag...

Hi Weng thanks for passing me this friends around the world tag, i really appreciate it :-) thank you so much and hope you had great day!

1. Copy from ::Start Copy Here:: through ::End Copy Here::.
2. Add your blog to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs. Just make sure to post this to each of the blog you added in the list.
3. Tag other online friends you know.You don’t need to be tag in order to join. If you want to join just post this one in your blog.
4. Let me know your blog’s name and url by leaving me a comment HERE. I will add you to the master list.That way, everyone is happy and can meet new friends too!
5. Come back once in a while to get the master list! Let’s see how this makes our Technorati and PR goes up!
6. DO NOT REMOVE THIS: scrap page made by Yen. Using alphas and tapes from Kate H., flowers from Ida,paper by Catrine.
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I am passing this tag to all my fellow bloggers at my blogroll, please grab this tag if you read this message thank you!... Happy blogging everyone!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

1/5 Scale Monster Truck

How do you like to have a stroke gasoline/petrol powered remote control monster truck? If you love cars and racing then this is a good chance to buy online at This is world wide shipping, so... whatever country you are, you can have this latest technology using this remote control monster truck. They accept pay pal, visa and MasterCard payment. And if you are looking for a FS Racing parts then no worries because at, the FS Racing parts are available. They have RTR Kits, Exhaust Pipes, Motors, Spare Parts, Wheels and Tires. Not only that you can upgrade the parts also. I been dreaming to have one like this for Dustin. I am sure Dustin will like it because he has passion with Cars. It makes him happy to see the cars moving alone using the remote control. We didn’t buy him yet because we don’t have enough budget this time but hopefully next time when he grow up, we can buy one then Mike and Dustin can play together outside. How about you? Want to buy this 23cc 1/5 scale monster truck from Visit now and find the FS Racing series you like from 1/5 scale 2 and 4WD 2 stroke RC Vehicle, FS Racing 30cc 4wd King Kong and more! Hurry and get one for a very affordable price!

Cool Tag...

Thank you Rose for passing me with this tag and sorry for the late post. I almost forgot this tag im glad i check my shoutbox and found it here hehe :-) thanks again!...

1. List 6 things that describe yourself today.
2. Add your blog to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs.
3. Tag other online friends you know.

TIRED~~ Tired because i dont have enough sleep last night, i sleep late and woke up so early hehe :-)
SLEEPY~~ I feel sleepy in the afternoon after i watch my favorite taiwanese novela title "it started with a kiss".
PISSED~~ because our dogs barking and when i let them in, Thunder pee on our living room.
PLAYFUL ~~ I play with Dustin in the afternoon and pick up the mail together.
IRRITATED~~ because my connection is too slow and my computer always hanged.
HAPPY~~ Im happy to see that Mike is home now and we had dinner together.

Links: Poolah, Full Time Dreamer, Imelda, Rosemarie, Femikey, You...

I am passing this tag to Laradee, Janet, Weng, Joy, Elaine and Dexie.

Monday, May 19, 2008

CD Rates from

Online banking used to seem kind of odd, but it is very mainstream in this age of internet everything. Think about it. Just a few years ago all records were kept on paper cards and the bank had endless paperwork to keep your account current. Now at eMoneyCentral, your account is kept up to date every second. Not only that eMoneyCentral help you find the best rates at the banks all over the web. For instance, if you click at their CD rates, it gives you CD Rates for many different companies, that way you can find the best rates. Plus they have their own great rates because they don’t have all kinds of buildings and paper work to maintain. And all the account they offer are fully insured by the Federal Government. So you can feel secured when you are dealing with them. If you want to find the best bank and credit union rates? EMoneyCentral is the right website for you. Visit now for more information.

I lost it!...

Oh my! i lost my 1 tasked for the day, if my connection is fast i am sure i can get the 3 opps. But its okay i think 2 opps is not that bad. I thought i will never get any tasked this day but im glad triple P giving me 2 tasked and smorty also give me 1 tasked. Its been a week that smorty never give me any tasked but im glad they give me one this day. Not bad at all for $7.80 right? and 2 for $8.50. :-) Its almost quarter to 9:00pm here, the time is so fast. Tomorrow is Tuesday and hope i can grab more tasked and hope that tomorrow is a good day too :-) Happy blogging to all!

Reverse Phone Lookups

Do you want to know the website where you can reverse the phone number that calls you? Have you ever tried to visit They can you find the phone number that you are looking for. You can use the Reverse Phone Lookups from They have compiled a huge data base of phone number information, so if you want to know the person who calls you then this is your chance to get the information of that person. Its very easy step, you just need to type the number in the search bar at and they can do the rest. They will give you the information of that number you type in and its really interesting that they have every details of that number from the name of the person and the location of that number. Try it now and find who’s the owner of that number.

Connection Problem...

Yay, i got a slow connection today and i have 2 more opps waiting for me from triple P. I dont know if i can still grab the opps because my connection right now is starting to get slow. Im afraid that someone will take that opps and when i grab it, its not available for me anymore. What a pity me :-( i keep waiting that opps since this morning. This makes me irritated especially when i have opps waiting for me and then the connection having problem. Hope my connection will back before someone take that opportunity.

Vacation Loans

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I feel emotional this morning, everytime i watch koreanovela drama series like lovers, they kissed again and love truly, it makes me cry. I am touched with the story of all this series. Thats why it gives me headache because i keep watching all this series at youtube. I really enjoyed watching teleserye or koreanovela, i feel sad because we dont have TFC here but at least i can watch my favorite video at youtube and im always thankful for that. Im glad that my headache is gone now and our buyer just left, they will come back and get their puppies first week of July and we already have their $200 deposit. We are still waiting for more buyer this month!

Who's Cell Phone Number Is This?

Are you constantly getting calls from the same number and don’t know who it is? We do! It makes me irritated especially if someone call us and we don’t know them. Sometimes, we answer a wrong number or toll free number. I don’t answer the phone if its toll free because I know they are only selling their products. But is there a time that you are wondering who’s that person behind that number? Do you want to know the owner’s name, address, cell phone provider of that person who called you all the time? There is a way to get the owner’s name by typing the number at search bar and you can get the answer right away. So why not visit and see Who’s Cell Phone Number Is This? Dont forget to visit the No Call List Information, there you can get a lot of information about their service. So hurry visit now and found out the number of the unknown person who called you.

We got a buyer!

Wow, i was very surprised that someone called us to see our For Sale puppies. At last we have a buyer and they are the first buyer we got. We will accept deposit this time because the puppies still small and they still need their mommy. So they can come back first week of July. This is a good time to reserve their puppies because they can choose whatever they want either male or female. Im so happy that we have a buyer, we are looking forward to get more! Wish that we can sale all our puppies. Thats a big amount of money if we can sale them all!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tippman x7

I remember the last time when my group of friends invite me to play paintball. I never tried paintball before but when I watch them playing paintball, it makes me interested because I know it is fun to try it. I never tried to hold a gun before so it makes me scared at first. One of my friend gave me this Tippman x7 and I ask them how to use it because this is my first time to play paintball. It is really fun and I am looking forward to play it again with my husband.

There are many paintball guns that you can use and if you are planning to buy paintball guns, there is only one website that I will absolutely recommend and that is Their top selling guns are Tippman A-5, Tippman 98 Custom, Smart Parts Ion and Spyder Pilot ACS. They offers the best prices with free shipping. So what are you waiting for? Grab your own paintball guns now at!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Mike took us for a ride...

Mike went home from work at 4:30pm, we had our dinner together. We just had ribs in a grill. It was nice, then after dinner we went to the store and buy dog food. He says he will take us for a ride somewhere in Old Spanish Trail. We went there but we didn't go for a walk or a hike. We will come back next time and make it sure that we bring our hiking backpack and a snack too. We went through whitewater which is a scenic little town and went through some of the canyons going towards a little town called Gateway. It was a fun ride and im looking forward to do it again next time and maybe we will go for a hike this summer. :-)

Reseller Web Hosting

Looking for a best web hosting is not that easy, there are many web hosting online that you can choose for but first you need to compare the price and see if the web hosting are very affordable that can met your needs to start your own website. I been searching that online but im glad I came across this website at, its really interesting to read the articles about web hosting and the one that caught my attention is the article title 3 things to consider when finding cheap web hosting. This is really important to know because looking for a cheap web hosting can be tricky. Some of the web hosting company offer a cheap web hosting but if you start signing it, you cant hardly understand the set up. So make it sure that you find the right one, and guess what? If you want to know the best cheap web hosting company? You can also find the article at They have really good information about reseller web hosting. So if you are looking for an information about web hosting specification and tutorials then webhostinggrating is the right website for you.

The Magnificent Dancers...

If you heard Magnificent Dancers, they are the popular dancer in Davao. The choreographer is my friend name Yoyen. He has twin brother named Khong and Khim. They are my favorite dancer ever when i was in the Philippines. I admired the way they dance and im so proud to be their friend. 3 of them are like triplets, they are look the same hehe :-) they are friendly and not mayabang, they are such a good dancer. Not only that they have good looks but they also have a good personality. I cant wait to see the 3 of them dancing together. When i watch the video of the magnificent dancers, i feel like i came back to the Philippines again. Thanks Yen for uploading that videos, hope you can upload also the dance video of your twin brother khong and khim!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lap Band Doctor

When it comes to weight problem, you better try this lap band doctor from They offer a comprehensive weight loss surgery program. This is your chance to feel look good about yourself and not having problem about your weight anymore. If any weight loss program is not works for you, i am sure lap band is the right one for you. This is the safest, proven weight loss surgery available today. What are you waiting for? grab this opportunity and make a change on your life! They will guide you through every step by step of your journey so nothing to worry about. Visit for more information.


The LOBO series is getting more exciting now, i cant wait to see the next episode. Lyka (Angel Locsin) is very pretty in the modelling wearing the sweam wear. She got a great body, same as Noah (Piolo Pascual) they have great charisma together. Their love team is great! The story is awesome, its about the white and black wolf. Lyka is the strongest wolf of all because she is the last watcher or "huling bantay". I feel so bad because we dont have TFC but im so thankful for Youtube for providing all this video. To those Lobo uploader, i know you been suspended many times but im glad you still keep uploading my favorite Filipino Programs. Thank you so much! I cant wait to see the next episode next week Monday! "Gwapo na kaayo!" hehehe :-)

Early Bird...

Since people starting to join at the world of blogging and start earning money? I noticed that many of them woke up early just to check their email and check if they have an opportunities in every blog advertising they are joining with. Especially me! i try to woke up early to chase opps hehe :-) I know that triple P mostly give opps in the morning, afternoon and at night. I try to keep refreshing my dashboard and hoping i can grab tasked for the day but too bad right now i dont have any. This is like going to a garage sale. The more early you are, the more you get a good stuff. If you came late, you can only get some junk :-) Mike and I go to garage sale every 9:00am, some people put a sign that says no early birds! because they need to file all their stuff and arrange it in the morning. I think 8-9am is a good time isn't it? Sometimes i woke up at 6-7am and i am really eager to grab some opps at that time. Right now, while Dustin is still sleeping, i can have time to check my blog advertising and see if i have some opps waiting for me ;-) happy blogging!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Frontier Trailer

Do you like to watch scary movie? Because I do! Since I was young I am been fascinated to watch scary movie that’s why I have bad dreams every night. My mom don’t want me to watch horror movies but if the story is really interesting then why not right? I still love to watch it even though it gives me problem when I go to sleep because I always think about it and it gives me bad dream every night. When I get married, Mike don’t want to watch horror movie with me so its been a long time that I never seen one. But did you know that there’s a movie that I really like to watch the most? Have you ever seen Frontier before? It seems like this movie is really scary right? I think its already showing now to all theaters. But maybe I need to wait until it will release at DVD so that I can watch it at home. Im glad I found this website at because they show the Trailer of this movie. You better check the Frontier trailer and see if you like it or not. If it makes you scared then why not watch it on theaters and see how scary Frontier is.
Sponsored by Frontier(s)

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Helo to all my fellow bloggers, happy wednesday! Hope you all have great day! my day was great here. Its nice outside, sunny and warm. This afternoon, Dustin will going to have his doctor appointment. I think he will going to have a shot today, hopefully Dustin wont get sick because mostly after the shot he will have a fever. Anyway, Mike will be home early this afternoon, so i need to clean early too. Happy blogging and Happy Wednesday again!

I have the best mom in the world!

Thank you so much Rosemarie for passing this tag, i really appreciate it. Yeah your right, mother's day is coming and we need to spread the world how important our mother is in our life. My mom is the most important person in my life, without her? i wont be here in the world and see how beautiful the world is. Thank you mom for giving me life.

Bregie - her love for us is endless!
Bing - for us she is more than perfect!
Francine - of the life she gave me in this world!
Cherie - of her undying love, understanding and support in everything that I do
Le bric a brac de Cherie - she's always there to give my spirit a lift when I am really down and she never get's tired of loving me and the entire family. I wanna be like her!
Celelebrate Life- she did many sacrifice just to give us a better life and education and of course she let me see how beautiful to be born.
My Parenting Journey - she is the best mom ever, she did her best so that we can go to school. She gave us so much love and attention. I love her for being her to me and to my brother and sister. She's the best mom of all!

I am passing this tag to all my fellow bloggers in my blogroll, please grab this tag! thanks and happy blogging!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cheap Shoes from

I love to shop shoes online and if I found a good deal for the shoes, I buy it right away using paypal. I have a friend of mine also that love to shop shoes online and she is looking for an Athletic Shoes that she can use for workout and play sports like tennis. And guess what? She can buy tennis shoes at SHOEBACCA. Their she can find a good deal for athletic shoes and not only that, she have a chance to compare shoes prices to any competitor site at Amazon and Overstock. Adidas shoes is one of my favorite athletic shoes and my brother got one too, I bought him before when I was in the Philippines and since I found this website at, maybe I can order online and buy Adidas shoes as a gift for him. They have discount shoes from sneakers, basketball shoes, running shoes, clearance shoes and a lot more. The shoe of the day is only cost $19.95, isn’t that affordable? If you visit, you can find the shoes that you need either an athletic shoes, athletic apparel or even fashion shoes for both men and women. You can choose the one you like from style, size and color. What are you waiting for? Visit at and find the cheap shoes you need!

Fast Weight Loss

How many of you struggling with your weight? Are you giving up already to weight loss? I have good news for you because you dont have to spend lot of money for the surgery or buy an expensive diet pills because i found this new lifestyle diet using liquid diet such as shakes, hot soup, cereals, flavor drops and fiber, hot drinks and nutritious bars and snacks. I heard that many people have been successful on trying this kind of liquid diets and they said this is the fast weight loss they have ever used. It really works good and it takes about 2-8 weeks and you will see the results right away. Why not try it? nothing to lose if you try this new lifestyle diet, who knows! maybe you will loss more than 20-200 lbs with this kind of liquid diet. This is more easier, more affordable and the result is very fast and effective. Try it now and visit for more information.

Earthquake in China?

Wow, i cant believe that Chengdu, China hit by a strong earthquake about 7.9 magnitude. That was really strong huh? I am sure many people died with this calamities. It said there are more than 8,700 people died and been trapped in mounds of concrete, steel and earth in the country's worst quake in three decades. Its too bad to hear this kind of news. I feel pity to those people who been affected with this earthquake. Hope it wont happen in the Philippines. For more information about this new visit yahoo news about this China Earthquake.

Dockers Contest

I love joining contest and it really caught my attention about this Dockers contest at website. I don’t know how this one works but it said if you have your own style, you can make your own Dockers commercial then you can submit it at You can vote and win at the same time. If you are interested you can visit the nbc website and see how this contest works. And guess what? If you are the winner, you had a chance to see your ad during the Tonight Show on NBC. Isn’t that exciting? The Dockers Livemercial Contest provides entrants with the opportunity to create a 30-second video advertisement for Dockers. So you have a chance to make your own 30 second commercial with your own. No more no less just 30 seconds. The viewers can rate your video and who knows maybe you will be the next winner! Who are eligible to enter this contest? Well only legal residents of 50 United States, 18 years of age or older can enter the contest. If you are 18 above you can join this contest, especially to those people who love to make their own video. For more information visit Dockers contest and don’t forget to submit your own Dockers Commercial!
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Monday, May 12, 2008

Raymond Weil Watch Collection

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Just got headache today and i think the weather is the reason why i have this. The weather is changing a lot this past few days. This morning, it is really cloudy and at the afternoon, it was raining. Maybe tomorrow it will be sunny and warm. I dont like it when the weather is like this, it gives me headache or maybe because i didn't take a nap this afternoon thats why i have headache. What do you think? Sometimes when i spend too much online also and staring in the computer whole day, it gives me headache also. Hopefully tomorrow i will be okay. I am still talking with my sister today and at the same time im writing a personal post. Just a quick update you know. Anyway, i need to go bed in a few minutes after im done talking with my sister. Its already quarter to 10:00pm here so i think its time for me to say goodnight :-)

Thunder ruined the plants

Yay, thunder ruined the 3 plants that we have. Mike just bought that 2 grape vines and the other plant that i forget the name of it. This afternoon when i let him out with Cocao, i didn't noticed that the plant is in our patio and i forgot to put Thunder on his kennel. I just let them outside while im cleaning the house but when i look outside, i see the mess in our patio and the plants are ruined already. He chew it and he make a big mess. I told mike about it and he says its okay, maybe we can buy another grape vines. Thunder is like a baby you know.. he can chew whatever he sees so next time i need to put him on his kennel before he chewed and ruined all the plants we have in our backyard hehe :-)

4th Annual New Media Expo 2008

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

AKC Mastiff Puppies

MAY 7, 2008


$650 - $850

Contact #:

Both Parents on Site. Raised with Children. Will be ready to go second week of July. Taking deposits. Reserve your puppy ahead of time.

Male Mastiff - Thunder

This is a new photo of Thunder, this photo taken this afternoon outside in our backyard. We took a lot of pictures of him because we are planning to make a flyers. We will going to put the flyers in the grocery and pet store. I think it will help a lot so that we can get a buyer for our puppies. Thunder is weight 160 lbs. He is 1 year old, he is such a gentle dog. When he stand up? he is taller than Mike. If you met him personally? I am sure you will love him, he is such a good dog.

What about dNeero Survey - for Charity conversation

Its nice to share your earnings at the charity and im so happy to take this survey. This survey is for charity conversation from dNeero. Its nice to help and be part of this team. Thank you dNeero for giving me a chance to take this survey. Happy blogging to all!

Friday, May 9, 2008

14 hours of laboring

I cant believe that dogs can labor for almost 14 hours. Princess labor her 9 puppies for almost 14 hours and its kind a tiring of course. We didn't have enough sleep because we are watching Princess and help her labor her puppies. This is my 1st time to see a dog laboring her puppies and its kind a interesting. I cant imagine, how if this dog is a human and have 9 babies? what you think will going to happen? hehe :-) Im glad its all done now, Princess is very protective with her puppies. She even dont want to leave her puppies alone. She is just laying down there and protect her puppies. Feed them and keep them warm. If Princess wants to go out to pee and poo, i put all the puppies in the box especially if they are sleeping. I need to keep an eye on them and make it sure that all of them are well feed. I have a bottle milk for them so in case, if one of them didn't eat well, at least i can give them bottle milk. :-) They are like babies you know and i am enjoying every moment of it.

The Mastiff Puppies #6-9

This is the 6th Puppy. He is fawn black mask male. He came out at 10:02 am.
This is the 7th Puppy. He is Brindle black mask female. He came out at 11:20 am.
This is the 8th Puppy. He is Brindle female, black mask too. He came out at 11:48 am. This is the picture of the 3 puppies while they are in the box. Their name is 6,7 and 8. hehe :-)
This is the 9th Puppy. I bottle feed him because he is weak. He came out at 4:00 pm already, almost 5 hours before the 8th came out. We decided to take her home after she labor the 8th one. I thought it takes only an hour before she labor the last puppies. The doctor said if the puppy wont come out until 2:30pm, we need to bring Princess back at the Vet and give her a shot for contraction. It helps a lot but she is really weak that time, maybe she is holding it. At exactly 4:00 pm, the 9th Puppy came out with a big placenta with it. He is a big puppy. He is brindle male. 1 to 4,6 and 9 are male. 5,7 and 8 are female. At the 2nd photo, as you can see the number 9 is healthy, he is sleeping when i took this photo :-) If you are interested to own an English Mastiff Puppies, please let us know and we can talk the prices :-) thanks!

The Mastiff Puppies #1-5

This is the first puppy, he is fawn male. He came out at 2:14 am last Wednesday, May 7, 2008. We named them by numbers, i put number 1 sign on his back using the paint. It doesn't show here on this photos. He is healthy and chubby :-)
This is the 2nd Puppy. He is brindle black mask male. He came out at 3:56am.
This is the 3rd Puppy. He is Brindle black mask male too same as number 2. He came out at 5:29am.
This is the 4th Puppy. He is the 3rd one in the picture, he is still wet that time, thats why he looks like black. He is brindle male. He came out at 6:54 am.
This is the 5th Puppy. As you can see on the first photo, she just came out, Princess eating the placenta. Princess labor the 5th one at the Vet Clinic because we are worried that time thats why we bring her to the Vet to labor the rest of her puppies. The 5th Puppy came out after 3 hours at 9:58 am. She is fawn female. She is very strong and healthy.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Meet the 9 Puppies

Here is the picture of the 9 Puppies that Princess has. If you count the puppies in the photo, it looks like, there's only 8 in there, the other one is hiding on Princess leg, we got 6 brindle and 3 fawn. 6 male and 3 females. Im glad she made it, i know its hard for her to labor especially if it takes about 14 hours to finish her laboring. And this is my first time to help the dog labor her puppies. I even touch the puppies when it comes out, they still in the placenta, i cut the cord and i even clean it. The blood is all over and i couldn't imagine how if this is a human and having 9 kids? i am sure its really hard hehe :-) im scared of human blood though.

At last the laboring is done :-)

Gosh, its a long time that Princess labor her puppies. She got 9 puppies, 3 female and 5 male. She start laboring this morning at 2:14am and she labor her last puppies at 4:00pm. We having problem after she labor her 4th puppies because it takes about 3 hours before she labor the 5th one. Thats why we take her to the vet and the doctor gave her a shot to make her contractions stronger. It helps a lot, so she labor the rest of her puppies at the veterinary clinic. She labor the 5th-8th puppies at the vet and the 9th one, we cant wait any longer because its already lunch time 1:00pm and we are all hungry. So we decided to go home and let Princess labor the last puppies at home but we still getting worried because the 8th puppies came out at 11:48am and until 2:30pm the 9th puppies still not coming out yet so we came back to the vet and the doctor gave her another shot. They are still in the veterinary clinic this time because the last puppies having problem with his breathing thats why they make it sure, the puppy is fine before we bring it at home. Oh yeah Princess is really worn out. She labor her puppies all day. We all worn out because we dont have enough sleep hehe :-) because we are watching Princess laboring her puppies. Thats kind a tired situation though but im glad its done already :-)

Not enough sleep...

I dont have enough sleep right now because Mike and I are both watching with Princess our female mastiff who was pregnant. She is going to labor her 8-9 puppies this day. And since this morning at 2:00am until now? We only got 4 male, 3 brindle and 1 pawn. I cant believe that dog can labor their puppies 1 every an hour or more. I thought when the one came out, the next one will come out too but today, we always waiting for about an hour or so before the next one coming out and its kind a tired to watch her all the time, i feel sleepy but at the same time i am happy to see Princess having her puppies right now. Im glad she made it, she is kind a tired and worn out this time but she really did good. Im helping her to push her puppies and in a few minutes right now, the 5th one will coming out soon. So i will keep posted their picture later :-) Happy blogging!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Wedding Favors

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

No tasked?

Yes it is! i dont have any tasked today unlike last month i have a lot hehe :-) anyway its okay. I know it will going to happen especially the time when i lost my page rank and even my page rank is pr2 right now but still my tasked is kind a slow. Its hard to grab opps now at triple P but im glad i got 1 yesterday. Well, i need to wait a couple more weeks so that i can grab more tasked and hopefully i can earn more next month. I am just waiting for my other blog to have PR and guess what? at the end of this month i can submit my parenting journey to all blog advertising so that i can start earning with that blog too!

What a Wonderful Sunday!

Im glad its Sunday and guess what? the weather is really good, its warm and sunny. This morning, went for a grocery shopping and Mike also go at the Hardware store to buy a string for the grass cutter. I forgot the name of it hehe :-) well, anyway we came home at lunch time, so it means we cant make it to the meeting this afternoon. Mike also need to work at the backyard to fix the pipe on our irrigation water, he needs to dig a hole and put the pipe underground with the cover of it so that the dog wont chew it. We let Dustin play at the backyard and at 2:00pm i put him into sleep for his nap time. I didn't take a nap though, im just watching "Tokyo Juliet" while waiting for Mike to finished the work outside. We just had our dinner and im just relaxing here and trying to do an update with my blogs because i didn't update it this morning because im lazy hehe :-)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Show off your beautiful new smile!

Before when I was in high school I even don’t like to smile a lot because my teeth is really bad. My teeth in the front is cracked and I feel embarrassed every time I smiled. But not now! Since I moved here in States, Mike help me to fix my teeth and make it look nice with the help of the cosmetic dental. I am very confident to myself and I am not feel ashamed anymore to smile every time I took pictures and in front of the other people. I know many men and women wants to get compliments about their smile. I love people that have a great smile too. As you noticed that all celebrities have this killer smile and I am sure they always visit at cosmetic dental to fix their teeth and make it more whiter. So if you having problem with your teeth and wants to feel good about it then why not try Beverly Hills cosmetic dental? For more information visit and see for yourself how professional and great Dr. Maddahi is, he will help you to make your smile beautiful and natural.

Identity Survey

Im glad i grab this survey, its really nice to take a survey like this especially when it talks about identity or yourself. Me i dont have any problem at all because i love to share my opinions and ideas to others. Sometimes i just post it on my blog so that anyone can read it and maybe they can share their ideas too. Its nice to do that way because sometimes you can get a good answers and it helps you to have more ideas. On this survey, you will find my answer, the one which i strongly agree with and the one that i disagree, so if you are interested please join dNeero and grab this survey at the same time you can earn money by taking this survey :-)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Boss Fragrances

Are you one of those people who are crazy of the scent of Hugo Boss? What perfumed you mostly used? Isn’t BOSS, BOSS FRAGRANCES, BOSS-FRAGRANCES, HUGO BOSS, prestige, fragrance, BOSS Bottled, BOSS Selection, BOSS femme, BOSS In Motion, BOSS In Motion Edition, BOSS Intense, BOSS Woman, essence de femme, BOSS Soul? Either one of them, I am sure all of them have special scent that makes people like it the most. I like it a lot too that’s why I bought Hugo Boss as a gift for my brother. My brother mostly used Boss so I decided to send him a gift and im glad he likes it. Well, I never seen Mike used Boss perfumed since we been married but maybe he would love the smell if he try it. I really love the smell of it and i think they have a Boss Fragrances for women. I am not sure but if you are interested you can visit their website at and see which one you like the most. Oh yeah, they have Boss Woman scent and this is exclusively built around the passion flower as it embodies all elements of sophistication. Wow, maybe I will going to try it. How about you? Want to try Hugo Boss Scent? If yes then why not order online at and discover the latest Hugo Boss Collections too!

Time to clean up!

Yay, i didn't noticed the time, its already 4:00pm here and im still not done cleaning yet, im get lazy to clean the house today, im still thinking of what to cook for dinner tonight. Hmmm maybe i can just grill the hotdogs and have some shrimp huh? what you think? Since the day i hear the bad news about the miscarriage, it seems like everything is change, i even dont have energy to do a lot here in the house. Makes me lazy and tired, i even dont want to go anywhere or attend meeting. It seems like i lost all my energy. Anyway, Dustin is already sleeping so maybe i can start cleaning right now and cooking dinner. Oh yeah, i still need to finished my tasked for the day before i finish the cleaning stuff. Hayyy so tired and lazy today, i think the weather makes me lazy too because its cold and cloudy out ;-)

Celebrity Connection

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Missed the tasked...

Yay, when i open my triple P i missed the 3 tasked. I see 3 gray opps on my dashboard. Maybe i am not lucky to grab those opps but hopefully i can grab more later this afternoon. Yesterday they only give me 1 tasked and im happy with it. Im so glad also that my page rank is back, even its not pr3 at least they give me pr2. Pr2 is not so bad, i can still grab more tasked and earn extra cash. Im still hoping that my weblogexploration and parenting journey will have page rank at least i have 2 backups incase this one is not making money at all :-) Its Friday and its kind a cold outside because it was snowing at the Mesa yesterday. Tomorrow will be a good day, it will be 70 degrees tomorrow until next week. So hopefully everything will be good. Happy Friday everyone!

Debt Free 24

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False Alarm...

Last night i was really thinking that our Female Mastiff will going to labor her puppies because her water broke. So i always woke up in the middle of the night especially if she make noises. I want to see how she labor her puppies but too bad because it seems like it will takes few more days before she labor her puppies. I think last night is just false alarm hehe :-) She is very energetic today, she's even running and playing. I am scared maybe this morning she will going to have her puppies and mike is not here with me. I dont know what to do when it happens. Hopefully she will labor her puppies tonight while Mike is here so that its not hard for me to take care of her. So to those who are interested for mastiff puppies, please let us know. We will going to sale our puppies soon :-)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Beauty Contest at

Have you ever thought of being a model? I know you do, I am not look like a model but I love watching fashion shows and models either online or on TV. So if you are young and have a guts, charisma, good looks and height then this is your chance to join Look of the Year because they are looking from all over the world to send in their best pictures and use this chance to be the next model working in Paris, New York and Milan. Isn’t that a good news? Its easy! All you have to do is choose the best picture you have and join at, you have a chance to win $10,000. All the visitors can rate the participants. This is the beauty contest world wide! So if you got the winning looks, young and beautiful so please join now and had a chance to win $10,000 dollars. For more information visit and submit your best photos, who knows! maybe you will be lucky to win and be a top model.

My Page Rank is back!

Yehey! im so happy because i get my page rank back! not PR3 though but its okay. PR2 is good anyway. Better than nothing. I thought it will take about another 3 months to get my page rank back but i was very surprised yesterday afternoon when i check my page rank and i see the PR2 there. Isn't that good news? hopefully it will increase more so that i can earn more from blogging. I am looking forward to have page rank on my 2nd and 3rd blog at weblogexploration and parenting journey. That is my back up in case this one will lost the page rank again. So hope everything will be okay and they will give me more opps to keep me busy for the day :-) Happy blogging everyone!

BDU Pants at

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Labor Day!

Wow! its first day of the month of May! And guess what? today is my birthday "Labor Day"! but i dont celebrate birthday though. Before i do but when i married Mike, i dont celebrate it at all. Jehovah's witness dont celebrate birthday and i respect that. It is more better this way at least i dont need to think about what im going to prepare and whom i will going to invite. Not like when i am in the Philippines, everytime my birthday comes, it gives me a lot of pressure because i always think about saving money so that i can celebrate my birthday at the beach and invite all my friends. It cost a lot of money though and after spending your money to your birthday, you still having problem financially in other matter. Anyway, i missed that time but its okay, im get used to it. I can celebrate my birthday anytime, i will be 26 now! 4 years more and i will be out in the calendar hehe :-) Am i getting old? lolz :-)