Sunday, May 4, 2008

What a Wonderful Sunday!

Im glad its Sunday and guess what? the weather is really good, its warm and sunny. This morning, went for a grocery shopping and Mike also go at the Hardware store to buy a string for the grass cutter. I forgot the name of it hehe :-) well, anyway we came home at lunch time, so it means we cant make it to the meeting this afternoon. Mike also need to work at the backyard to fix the pipe on our irrigation water, he needs to dig a hole and put the pipe underground with the cover of it so that the dog wont chew it. We let Dustin play at the backyard and at 2:00pm i put him into sleep for his nap time. I didn't take a nap though, im just watching "Tokyo Juliet" while waiting for Mike to finished the work outside. We just had our dinner and im just relaxing here and trying to do an update with my blogs because i didn't update it this morning because im lazy hehe :-)

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