Friday, May 2, 2008

Time to clean up!

Yay, i didn't noticed the time, its already 4:00pm here and im still not done cleaning yet, im get lazy to clean the house today, im still thinking of what to cook for dinner tonight. Hmmm maybe i can just grill the hotdogs and have some shrimp huh? what you think? Since the day i hear the bad news about the miscarriage, it seems like everything is change, i even dont have energy to do a lot here in the house. Makes me lazy and tired, i even dont want to go anywhere or attend meeting. It seems like i lost all my energy. Anyway, Dustin is already sleeping so maybe i can start cleaning right now and cooking dinner. Oh yeah, i still need to finished my tasked for the day before i finish the cleaning stuff. Hayyy so tired and lazy today, i think the weather makes me lazy too because its cold and cloudy out ;-)

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