Friday, May 9, 2008

14 hours of laboring

I cant believe that dogs can labor for almost 14 hours. Princess labor her 9 puppies for almost 14 hours and its kind a tiring of course. We didn't have enough sleep because we are watching Princess and help her labor her puppies. This is my 1st time to see a dog laboring her puppies and its kind a interesting. I cant imagine, how if this dog is a human and have 9 babies? what you think will going to happen? hehe :-) Im glad its all done now, Princess is very protective with her puppies. She even dont want to leave her puppies alone. She is just laying down there and protect her puppies. Feed them and keep them warm. If Princess wants to go out to pee and poo, i put all the puppies in the box especially if they are sleeping. I need to keep an eye on them and make it sure that all of them are well feed. I have a bottle milk for them so in case, if one of them didn't eat well, at least i can give them bottle milk. :-) They are like babies you know and i am enjoying every moment of it.


Bumpy said...

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labatterie said...

Please let me know so that I can add you soon.