Friday, May 9, 2008

The Mastiff Puppies #6-9

This is the 6th Puppy. He is fawn black mask male. He came out at 10:02 am.
This is the 7th Puppy. He is Brindle black mask female. He came out at 11:20 am.
This is the 8th Puppy. He is Brindle female, black mask too. He came out at 11:48 am. This is the picture of the 3 puppies while they are in the box. Their name is 6,7 and 8. hehe :-)
This is the 9th Puppy. I bottle feed him because he is weak. He came out at 4:00 pm already, almost 5 hours before the 8th came out. We decided to take her home after she labor the 8th one. I thought it takes only an hour before she labor the last puppies. The doctor said if the puppy wont come out until 2:30pm, we need to bring Princess back at the Vet and give her a shot for contraction. It helps a lot but she is really weak that time, maybe she is holding it. At exactly 4:00 pm, the 9th Puppy came out with a big placenta with it. He is a big puppy. He is brindle male. 1 to 4,6 and 9 are male. 5,7 and 8 are female. At the 2nd photo, as you can see the number 9 is healthy, he is sleeping when i took this photo :-) If you are interested to own an English Mastiff Puppies, please let us know and we can talk the prices :-) thanks!

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