Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Not enough sleep...

I dont have enough sleep right now because Mike and I are both watching with Princess our female mastiff who was pregnant. She is going to labor her 8-9 puppies this day. And since this morning at 2:00am until now? We only got 4 male, 3 brindle and 1 pawn. I cant believe that dog can labor their puppies 1 every an hour or more. I thought when the one came out, the next one will come out too but today, we always waiting for about an hour or so before the next one coming out and its kind a tired to watch her all the time, i feel sleepy but at the same time i am happy to see Princess having her puppies right now. Im glad she made it, she is kind a tired and worn out this time but she really did good. Im helping her to push her puppies and in a few minutes right now, the 5th one will coming out soon. So i will keep posted their picture later :-) Happy blogging!

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labatterie said...

Maybe i am not lucky to grab those opps but hopefully i can grab more later this afternoon.