Wednesday, May 7, 2008

At last the laboring is done :-)

Gosh, its a long time that Princess labor her puppies. She got 9 puppies, 3 female and 5 male. She start laboring this morning at 2:14am and she labor her last puppies at 4:00pm. We having problem after she labor her 4th puppies because it takes about 3 hours before she labor the 5th one. Thats why we take her to the vet and the doctor gave her a shot to make her contractions stronger. It helps a lot, so she labor the rest of her puppies at the veterinary clinic. She labor the 5th-8th puppies at the vet and the 9th one, we cant wait any longer because its already lunch time 1:00pm and we are all hungry. So we decided to go home and let Princess labor the last puppies at home but we still getting worried because the 8th puppies came out at 11:48am and until 2:30pm the 9th puppies still not coming out yet so we came back to the vet and the doctor gave her another shot. They are still in the veterinary clinic this time because the last puppies having problem with his breathing thats why they make it sure, the puppy is fine before we bring it at home. Oh yeah Princess is really worn out. She labor her puppies all day. We all worn out because we dont have enough sleep hehe :-) because we are watching Princess laboring her puppies. Thats kind a tired situation though but im glad its done already :-)

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labatterie said...

Yesterday they only give me 1 tasked and im happy with it.