Monday, May 12, 2008

Thunder ruined the plants

Yay, thunder ruined the 3 plants that we have. Mike just bought that 2 grape vines and the other plant that i forget the name of it. This afternoon when i let him out with Cocao, i didn't noticed that the plant is in our patio and i forgot to put Thunder on his kennel. I just let them outside while im cleaning the house but when i look outside, i see the mess in our patio and the plants are ruined already. He chew it and he make a big mess. I told mike about it and he says its okay, maybe we can buy another grape vines. Thunder is like a baby you know.. he can chew whatever he sees so next time i need to put him on his kennel before he chewed and ruined all the plants we have in our backyard hehe :-)

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labatterie said...

Tomorrow will be a good day...