Monday, May 12, 2008


Just got headache today and i think the weather is the reason why i have this. The weather is changing a lot this past few days. This morning, it is really cloudy and at the afternoon, it was raining. Maybe tomorrow it will be sunny and warm. I dont like it when the weather is like this, it gives me headache or maybe because i didn't take a nap this afternoon thats why i have headache. What do you think? Sometimes when i spend too much online also and staring in the computer whole day, it gives me headache also. Hopefully tomorrow i will be okay. I am still talking with my sister today and at the same time im writing a personal post. Just a quick update you know. Anyway, i need to go bed in a few minutes after im done talking with my sister. Its already quarter to 10:00pm here so i think its time for me to say goodnight :-)

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So hopefully everything will be good.