Thursday, May 15, 2008

Early Bird...

Since people starting to join at the world of blogging and start earning money? I noticed that many of them woke up early just to check their email and check if they have an opportunities in every blog advertising they are joining with. Especially me! i try to woke up early to chase opps hehe :-) I know that triple P mostly give opps in the morning, afternoon and at night. I try to keep refreshing my dashboard and hoping i can grab tasked for the day but too bad right now i dont have any. This is like going to a garage sale. The more early you are, the more you get a good stuff. If you came late, you can only get some junk :-) Mike and I go to garage sale every 9:00am, some people put a sign that says no early birds! because they need to file all their stuff and arrange it in the morning. I think 8-9am is a good time isn't it? Sometimes i woke up at 6-7am and i am really eager to grab some opps at that time. Right now, while Dustin is still sleeping, i can have time to check my blog advertising and see if i have some opps waiting for me ;-) happy blogging!

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