Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Visitor Center

While driving back going to Steamboat Spring, we stop by at the visitors area, i forgot the name of the town but anyway, here are some of the photos. The first one taken inside the visitors center, they have a little museum there and the other photo taken outside. That's our white pick up truck in the back hehe :-)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Credit Repair

The best thing of having credit card is that you can buy anything you want without paying cash, just swipe your card and it’s done! You just need to watch your expenses because this might be a big problem in the future. There are many people out there are suffering for bad credit, just thankful that we don’t really have a bad credit. Our credit score still in average and we want to make it that way. We try to pay all our credit cards on time, sometimes we have hard time catching up all our bills since we only have one income. I am still thinking to get a credit card with my name in it but I need to wait until we paid off some of our credit cards.

If ever I will have my own credit card, I will make it sure that my credit score will be good. Anyhow, if you are one of those people who are suffering for bad credit and you are looking for a Credit Repair, then no worries! Credit Repair Info will help you with this matter. They are The Best Credit Repair Service on the web and by visiting their website, you can get a free consultation with an expert. Start building a better score now and get a repair counseling at creditrepairinfo.com!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

local tv satellite

We use local tv satellite when we first moved here in Grand Junction. We didn’t get our satellite provider right away and we are thinking about changing the service because we both not happy for the satellite provider we have and also we pay more as we expected. We also check online some great deal for local tv satellite and came across at localtv-satellite.com. So far, they have pretty good service.

On weekend, we only rely to our local tv satellite to watch our favorite football game. My husband love to watch football as well as our friend. It’s nice to sit down and watch your favorite game when all your friends are around. Since my mother in law was here with us, maybe we can watch our favorite sports game in our local tv satellite. So if you are thinking to change your satellite provider, you might want to visit http://www.localtv-satellite.com/. Don’t miss direct tv packages, deals and offers! Visit their website right now for more details!

Airport photo...

This photo taken last Thursday morning August 26, 2010 at Denver Airport. We're waiting for my mother in law's arrival, she's from Michigan. Dustin took the 4th and 5th photo. He done pretty good! He is a good photographer for his early age of 4. Good job Dustin!

web site hosting

When was the last time I bought a domain in my two blogs? I can’t remember all I know I bought it in one of the popular web hosting online. My friend recommend me the website and they only charged me $10 a year I think. It was really affordable and I like their service so I don’t have any reason to changed. Since I have two other blogs that is not domain yet, I was still thinking to get a website hosting with that two blogs. Anyhow, a friend of mine is also looking for a web site hosting for her online business and she’s asking me if I knew a website who offer a cheap web hosting. Well, I guess webhostingfan.com is the website I will probably recommend to her, they have good information about web hosting and the one that really caught my attention is the article title Common Questions about Windows VPS Hosting and What to Look for in Web Hosting Terms and Conditions.

Friday, August 27, 2010

health care job sites

I was talking to my friend at face book and we ended up talking about health care job and she’s looking for a new job right now because her contract will end this coming October. Well, I couldn’t help her with that because I don’t know any health care job in our area but maybe she can get a job if she can look up online and visit health care job sites. There are many opportunities and available job at their website. They have 191,444 Healthcare jobs available and who knows maybe she will be lucky to find health care job at their website!

That was weird!

While my husband driving going to Steamboat Spring, Dana got car sick, she throw up in the car, I need to change her and clean her up, so I ask Mike to stop the car and get extra clothes in our luggage. The luggage is at the back in our truck. So we stop for a little while in the open area and this weird thing happen. We saw a wind forming like a little tornado or something and it coming to our truck. The window was open and it was so fast, it really scares us. Mike was outside trying to take a picture but he didn't get one. We can feel the car is moving and I was thinking maybe this little wind dust will blown our car away. It only takes a second and we saw the wind going away from our truck and we got dust and gravel all over the car. Isn't that weird? wish we got a picture with it. It was scary and guess what? we lose some of our stuff, my earrings is gone and also Dana's bag of diaper was also gone. Maybe the wind blown it away somewhere because my husband left the luggage open.

Just came back!

We just came back to our trip from Steamboat Spring. We really had great time, we walk around Steamboat Spring downtown. Had lunch at one of the good sandwich restaurant, took some photos and we also went to the ski area were they practice for the Olympics. The Hotel we stay in was very nice, we got a nice room and I really like the bed, its very comfortable.

Anyhow, I’m glad I bring my laptop with me that way I can check my email and do my assignments. I also need to talk with my family while we’re in our trip, they have free wi-fi and the connection is pretty good. Dustin had a chance to play his learning games online too and before he do that I need to look for a document management software, just in case we need it. I need to be organized to our document records and also to all our bills. We have more bills that we need to pay for this month so will see if we have enough budget for that.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

tee times...

Golf is one of everyone favorite past time sport game. I am not crazy about golf but I would love to learn about this game. My friend from Japan knows how to play golf because her husband teach her how to play golf and every time her husband went to the golf course just to play few rounds, she was there watching him. I would say, Golf is such an interesting game, it is fun to play especially when you play it with a group of friends.

Talking about Golf, I found this website at 48 hour tee times, this is your home for last minute golf bookings. You can get a best tee times deal for the Grand Strand area. This is located at the Myrtle Beach area course. If you forgot to make a reservation in the golf course area then you better visit www.48hourteetimes.com, it’s not to late yet! They can book you for last minute and save! Visit now and don’t forget to check their course directory! Have fun!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dana and mommy moments!

Dana is really serious, she's looking at our neighbors, this photo taken outside infront of our house. We're waiting for daddy to come out so that we can go to the Mall. We bring Dana's rubby ducky too. What a beautiful day!

sports bet

If my Grandfather is alive, I am sure he would love to join sports betting online. I remember when he visit my mom in the Philippines, the first sports bet he join was the boxing game. He didn’t won that time but he really enjoy the game. He love to watch boxing so my uncle and brother in law watch boxing with him.

I am not really a fan of boxing but I love different kind of sports especially football because my husband been a football player when he was in high school. We never tried to join sports betting but I am sure many of you out there love to bet on sports. So, if you are one of them, you better check out sportsbettingspot.com. This is the world of Sports Betting. If you want to bet your favorite football game, here is the football betting website you can visit. They also have basketball betting, baseball betting, hockey betting and soccer betting. Bet your favorite sports game at sportsbettingspot.com now!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

local search engine

If you visit other places and don’t know the local restaurants in the area. You can easily find them online by searching at one of the local search engine at local.com. I would say that this website really works great! When I want to find an accurate driving directions, I just visit their website and get the driving direction I need. It’s fast and easy! It’s better than to find it at the yellow pages in directory. One time when my husband ask me the number of the local restaurant in our area, it takes me a while to find it at the directory. I am not used to it but then I decided to find it online using the local.com website and guess what? It gives me the answer just within a minute! So why waste your time looking at the directory if you can easily find a local yellowpages online at local.com? You better try it and see for yourself!

Jumpsuit Leopard...

This is the Jumpsuit Leopard I ordered at wholesale-dress.net. The color is not the same as the picture but the quality of the fabric, the design are the same. The one I got is black leopard jumpsuit and the one I ordered is brown leopard jumpsuit. But it was okay, I am happy with it even though the color is not the same. I receive the items last Thursday afternoon and so far I am happy with it.

How much you think this jumpsuit is? If you buy it at the store, I am sure it will cost about 25-30 bucks? Did you know that I got this for only $5.89. Isn’t that a great deal? That’s why I love to shop at wholesale-dress.net because most of their clothing are free size, since I am short and petite, I assure that all the clothing I ordered from them will fit me perfectly.

The shoes I am wearing is the sweet bohemia knitted water proof sandals, I also bought it at wholesale-dress.net. How much you think this shoes cost? It might cost $30-40 if you buy it at the store but I only got this shoes for only $8.63.

How do I look at this photo? Feel free to comments, your opinions is really much appreciated. Thanks and don’t forget to visit http://www.wholesale-dress.net/!

ccna training...

Last year, my friend invited me to join the CCNA training, she said it was fun and enjoyable course and it only takes few months. I wasn’t able to go because I have kids to taking care of and I don’t have someone to watch them that time. I am not sure if CCNA is right for me but I knew some of Filipino here in Grand Junction area who work at this field.

Talking about CCNA, if you think this course is right for you, you can visit ccna.com, this is a free community resource built for you. You don’t have to be afraid to take the CCNA boot camp because I will assure you, you will found it fun and easy. I can highly recommend this to all my friends since they are willing to take advantage for this ccna course. There are lot of things to learn about ccna and if you are eager to learn more and further your career then you better check their website at ccna.com!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lady in Black...

This photo was taken this afternoon while the kids are sleeping. I was cleaning at the kitchen at that moment and grab my digital camera and took a photo of me using the timer. How do I look? hehe :-) Love this jumpsuit a lot... what you think?

Tutor next

Some kids are really have hard time understanding Math. I admit Math is really a hard subject, but Math is really useful in every thing. If you know the basics then it might be easier to understand those subjects that are related to Mathematics especially Algebra. If you think your kids need a Math tutor then visit tutornext.com! They offer a Free online math tutor. You can easily Solve math problems with the help of their free online tutor. If you think you can’t help your kids at their homework, Homework helper at tutornext.com will be a good option.

This supplemental education is not only for K-12, college students can use their tutor service, this is also for everyone! Their online tutoring services are convenient and affordable. I would say they offer a cheapest rate than any other online tutoring service. If you are ready to learn Algebra, Equivalent Fractions, Probability calculator then visit tutornext.com and start connect to a tutor as often as you want!

Recycling for the home...

Buying toys is very expensive that’s why I try to recycle some of the thing we used at home especially the cardboard box from the cereal, bottles and other things that can use for recycling. I urged my kids to be contented of what they have instead of wanting to buy those expensive toys from the store. Well, we buy them some toys but not the expensive one, good thing because Dustin only wants those cheap toy car that you can only buy for a buck. He has plenty of those and since we have this huge cardboard box, I make it as a little house for them. I put door, windows with different shapes. They love it and they play it a lot. Instead of buying a kiddy doll house, this little house made of cardboard help us to save some money. So, I would say recycling for the home is a really a good idea.

Anyhow, talking about recycling I came across this website at veoliaes.com.au. They are the environmental services in Australia. They offer General Waste Collection from food, paper and cardboard, plastics, furniture and more. You can make an enquiry at their website. They recently launched a new pre-paid recycling solution for fluorescent lighting. If you want to find out more about this matter, feel free to visit veoliaes.com.au. About skip bins Sydney, you can also enquire the prices by clicking their relevant bin that you can find at their website at Bin Types. For more information about their service, visit veoliaes.com.au.

My slideshow!

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Tell me what you think about this video. Your comments is much appreciated. Thanks!

Monday, August 16, 2010

wholesale coin and more!

Are you one of those people who love collecting coins? Or how about investing gold? Is gold is a good investment? There’s a lot of information you can find online about this matter. There are many company who are specialize in gold and silverr bullion and coin purchases. I knew some of them but if you are looking for a wholesale coins, silver, gold, bullion and more then wholesalecoinandmore.com will be the right website for you to visit. They are legendary coins and have legendary service since 1975. Guess what? They have low prices on US Mint Coins! You can buy coin and proof sets. They have certified coins available. They accept paypals for payments. So what are you waiting for? Low prices of all of their coins and you can only find it at wholesalecoinandmore.com! Visit now for more details and if you have any questions you can contact them at their toll free number at 1-888-310-9026.

Beacon Theatre Tickets

The last time I watch live concert is in the Philippines. That was long time ago and sometimes I’m kind a miss watching live concert. Since I am here now in the United States, I don’t know if I can still watch live concert with my favorite bands and artists. But if you are one of those people who love to watch live concerts then you might want to visit acheapseat.com, they have Beacon Theatre Tickets available and their theater has a fantastic Art Deco treasure and its located at Broadway in New York, NY. The schedule and dates are available at their website.

How about in Nassau Coliseum? Are you familiar at this place? They host the first portion of the World Wrestling Federation’s WrestleMania 2 in 1986 and SummerSlam in 2002. If you are looking for NASSAU COLISEUM TICKETS, just visit acheapseat.com. You can find more information about this Coliseum and also the schedule and dates of the events. They also have RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL TICKETS, their music hall is the regular home of the Daytime Emmy Award ceremony and the Tony Awards so if you are interested to view the schedule and dates at the Radio City Music Hall, feel free to visit acheapseat.com!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cocao with bandana...

This is our female Pitbull. Her name is Cocao. She is 9 years old. She's a sweety dog, my kids love her a lot. Look at this photo, she's wearing a bandana.. She looks cute!

bathroom tiles...

I was browsing tiles online because my husband and I are talking about adding more tiles in the patio. The patio is not really done yet it needs painting in the dry wall. Tiles will be the last thing we will do in that little room. We are thinking to use the left over tiles we have, same as the one we have in the kitchen, but we’re not sure if that’s enough to put in the patio. I saw a nice tiles that would be perfect in the patio at glasstilestore.com. Guess what? They have also amazing bathroom tiles collection! Since one of our friend are renovating their bathroom, I was thinking to share this website to them. Who knows! Maybe they can find the perfect bathroom tiles.

Glasstilestore.com offer a free shipping on every order. They also have subway tiles that you can choose. So if you are planning to buy a tiles then take an additional 5% off 1 week only summer sale at glass tile store and don’t forget to tell your friends! They have great selection of tiles from glass, marble, stone mosaic, metal, pearl and more! Grab your tiles now at glasstilestore.com!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Myrtle Beach Accommodations

If I had a chance to travel and stay in a nice place of Myrtle Beach, I will consider to stay in one of their luxurious hotel. I will surely bring my husband and kids with me and while were there, we will play a few rounds of golf too but then I need to learn golf first because I never tried to play golf before. This will be my first time to play golf at Myrtle Beach.

My friend from North Carolina talking about the place of Myrtle and since she knows this place and its close where they live, she would love to invite us to come over there for a week vacation or so. I told her already that we can’t make it this year because we don’t have enough budget to take a vacation but will probably do next year.

Anyhow, if you are interested to see how beautiful the place of Myrtle is, the Myrtle Beach Accommodations and Myrtle Beach hotel reservations at seaside.com will help you find all the information you need to know about the place and also the price list. You can view the photo gallery to see amazing photos of Myrtle Beach and don’t forget to join their contest! You have a chance to win a 4 night stay in a two bedroom condo. So what are you waiting for? Visit http://www.seasidemb.com/ now and make your reservations!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Daddy was home!

I’m glad that Mike came home safe. Dana was so excited to see his daddy. She ran up to him and give his daddy a big hug and kiss as well as Dustin. We are happy to see him back! Four days without him is not easy. But I did really good with the kids and to our dogs. I fed the dogs in the morning and night then I water the plants outside, play the kids and read them book at night. Make it sure that all doors are luck, kind a scary sometimes because you never know! Anyhow, were happy that Mike is back and we miss him so much!

cluster mailboxes

Most mailboxes in our area is made of cluster mailboxes. We walk around one block to get our mail every afternoon and it’s a good exercise and my kids love to go with me every time we will pick up the mail. On weekends, mostly on Saturday we get our mail around lunch time because the mailman will come at 1:00pm. The cluster mailbox we have had 12 doors and it’s color grey. Very simple, very different than what we have before when we live in Silverthorne.

Talking about mailboxes, I found a website where they offer all kinds of mailboxes from commercial mailboxes, apartment mailboxes, community mailboxes and even CBU mailboxes, they have 28 cluster mailboxes that you can choose. You can view all the selections at their website. They offer different color and style. It’s free shipping on all cluster mailboxes and it’s low price! So if you need mailboxes in your job site then you better check approvedclustermailboxes.com!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Online Tutorial...

Mathematics is the subject I hated the most. I’m good in addition, subtraction and division but when it comes to Algebraic expressions? I’m not good at it. I always copy an assignment to my classmate and I always fail in the exam. I never had tutorial before because we can’t afford. I know some other students having hard time understanding math and so do I. Hopefully Dustin won’t be like me, his dad is really good in Math and I think he will be okay. But if not? then we better get him a tutor from tutorvista.com.

So if your kids want to learn about Acute triangle, Line segment, Indices, Diameter of circle or the Square footage calculator, then you better visit tutorvista.com. They have a lot of information about this subject and I am sure this will help a lot for your kids to understand and learn about this matter. The thing I like the most in tutorvista is that you can talk live to their tutor from Math, Science, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and so on. They are ready to help you right now so why not visit their website today and let them help you with your Math problems.

Silly Dana...

Dana is getting silly at this photo. She always showing her tongue and give me this silly smile. She's wearing his Daddy Bandana. She loves to wear it because she always see her dad wearing bandana too :-) She looks so cutie at this photo.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Towers at Myrtle Beach

I heard a lot of great things about myrtle beach. I saw the photos and it was very inviting. The beach is pretty, the view of the sunset, the white sand, their golf coarse are very splendor. I am sure you can do a lot of things with your love ones and friends if you visit this amazing place of myrtle beach. Making happy memories at this place will be great. Nice place to stay and it’s nice also to spend a honeymoon with the one you love. While relaxing at the beach, you can also play golf and enjoy every moment of it.

If you want to win a 4 night stay in a 2 bedroom condo, you can register now at http://www.towersatnorthmyrtlebeach.com/. You can check rates and availability at towers at myrtle beach website. They have a lot of things to offer! So why not take your family at one of the great resort of myrtle beach? Get out for a while in your busy life at work and pamper yourself to a memorable vacation at myrtle beach! Don’t forget to register for a chance to win a 4 night stay! Good luck!

bulletin board

The Schools, Offices, Stores or any kind of big and small business have a bulletin boards. They posted important events, news, schedules, photos or anything. I remember when we make flyers to sell our puppies, we posted the flyers at the bulletin board in the grocery store and also at the pet shop. It helps a lot because we got a lot of phone calls in our area.
Talking about bulletin board, at bulletinboardcompany.com. you can find all bulletin boards you need. From fabric boards, cork boards, school bulletin boards, combo boards, magnet boards, outdoor boards and even bulletin boards accessories! They have huge selection of different styles and for me, I will probably buy cork boards so that Dustin can post all his drawings. He loves to draw cars and its nice if we have a small bulletin board for him to use. It’s low price and it shipped free! If you are looking for a bulletin board, this might be the right website for you to visit. So, what are you waiting for? Buy bulletin boards at bulletinboardcompany.com!

My Next Order - Sandal

I ordered this sandal at wholesale-dress.net. I ordered it two days ago, so I need to wait about 6-7 days to get the items. It was pretty nice, it looks comfortable to wear. I ordered size 5, hopefully they will send me the right size. This is my first time to order shoes online and I am looking forward to wear it!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Im in!

Yay! They posted my picture as one of the contestants in their share and get $500 contest at wholesale-dress.net. Just by sharing your shopping experience you can have a chance to win! Hope I could won this contest! I also can't wait for my new sandals I ordered from them yesterday! I need to wait for about 5-7 days to get the items so will see about that.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

medical scrubs

Most of the Filipino I’ve known here in Grand Junction area works at the nursing home. Some of them works at the hospital as a Nurse and therapist. Since they are working at the medical field, I usually see them wearing their nursing uniforms or nursing scrubs. It was so nice seeing them with those nice scrubs. It looks good in them and it’s very appropriate at their job.

Talking about medical scrubs, I found blueskyscrubs.com and they offer different colors of scrubs. They also have lab coats and scrub hats. So if you having hard time finding scrubs, then look no further because blueskyscrubs.com has the scrubs you need!

I have a friend in the Philippines just graduated nursing and she want’s to apply abroad and good thing because she’s looking for a nursing uniforms so I think this is a good opportunity to recommend it to her that way she can buy it online instead of finding it at the store.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Financial matters...

When it comes to financial matters, my husband and I will always talk about it first before we buy or decide to buy things we need especially when it cost a lot of money. Just like the one when we bought a laptop last year. We decided to pay it half with our credit cards and the rest is debit. Our credit card ratings are average so we don’t need to worry about it.

We owe our credit card more as what we expected, we’re trying to pay them of as long we have an extra budget. We want to have a good credit score history so hopefully we will pay them of in the future. I am not sure when but will see.

Talking about financial matters, I am browsing financial site online and came across at financeglobe.com. They have a lot of things to offer. So if you have problems about personal finance, credit card and wants to be involved in the financial forum then you better check out financeglobe.com.

Dana playing my computer...

This is the reason why I need to keep an eye of my little girl Dana, she's climbing everywhere and she love's to climb in the chair and play with my computer. She loves to watch video of Justin Bieber the Baby song. Look at her! She got that pretty big brown eyes. :-)

miz mooz sandals

I really need to get a new shoes, I have some nice pair of shoes here but I would love to get a sandal which has the same style as the one I got a year ago. Princess, our Female Mastiff dog chewed my miz mooz sandals. I love those shoes, one of my favorite and I’m kind a miss those sandals. Good thing I find a similar design at infinityshoes.com. They also have miz mooz sandals collection.

Miz mooz sandals collection offer up to 70% off. Their women arrival shoes are really nice! I would love to get one of the miz mooz boots or the sebago shoes and old gringo? What you think? Those shoes would be perfect with my black suit. So if I were you, you better check out their new arrivals and get miz mooz sandals for a very affordable price! Women love shoes a lot and I do love shoes! I better get a new pair of shoes as my reward!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

shepard fairey art

I been fascinated with art since when I was a kid. I love to draw, sketch and collect painting. I think I got it from my mom. Well, it’s been a while since I didn’t touch my sketch book. One of our brother who are very close to us and he is like a spiritual father to me and to my husband. He’s been in an art school and I saw some of his paintings. It was very nice and it was very inspiring.

Talking about art, I came across this website at shepard fairey prints, you can buy an authentic out of print, shepard fairey art prints at their website. I saw their shepard fairey collections and it was really nice and interesting. The one that really caught my attention is the war by numbers print and the obey giant prints. They also offer shepard fairey books. To see some of the obey giant art collection, you might like to visit shepardfaireyprints.com!

Me and Dana moments...

This is a new photo of me and Dana. Dana loves to ride, she's kind a heavy now but it was fine. Love this photo :-) She really had great time riding in my shoulder.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

health insurance quotes

How important insurance to you and to your family? Insurance can help you covered some of your medical expenses. You know how expensive the medication is, if you don’t have insurance then how you will pay your medical expenses and other things? Even buying a new car need insurance in case you will get an accident then you will be covered. There are a lot of insurance company out there that offers health insurance, auto insurance, home, life, motorcycle insurance and so on. Why not visit insurancespecialists.com? They are the insurance information portal and guess what? you can get a health insurance quotes at their website and within 90 seconds or less, you will get the insurance quotes you need. Save 50% or more on your insurance at insurancespecialists.com!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Products that measure fitness levels

There are many health and fitness products available in the market today. If you are looking for a resting metabolic rate device then BodyGem will be the right one for you. If you are looking for a professional version of it then try MedGem. MedGem is usually used by a Personal trainers, Nutritionists and Health Club Owners. They help their clients to lose weight by using this kind of products. How about the Futrex? This is a body composition analyzer. You can find Futrex at healthfitnet.com. They have different kind of Futrex that you can choose, from Futrex 5500, Futrex 6100, Futrex Bod-eComm and so on.

Guess what? they also have Diabetes Testing, exercise equipment, screenings kits, weight management, scales and more! You better check out their website! When it comes to products that measure fitness levels? healthfitnet.com is the website I will absolutely recommend, they have everything you need! Visit now and you’ll see!

Playing scrabble!

My husband and I want to teach Dustin about building words that's why we end up playing scrabble. It was a fun game! I am so happy because we are able to play scrabble as a family. Dustin seems love it, but sometimes he ran out of patience. I teach him how to build the words and guess what? He won two times! We beat daddy in the game! I'm the second and daddy is lost. At the second game, I lost but Dustin still win the game. We will play scrabble again tomorrow night after dinner. Maybe we will play this game every night. That can help Dustin to learn building words. :-)

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Do you like Tiles? Both our kitchen and bathroom has Tiles. I love it because it’s easy for me to clean and since we have different Tiles in our kitchen and bathroom. We are thinking about getting more tiles to put in the Patio. Hopefully we can find the same Tiles we got in our kitchen. If not then maybe we can try the Subway tiles from glasstilestore.com. They have great selections of Tiles from Glass, Stone, Marble Mosaics, Stone Mosaic Patterns and more.

I like the Pearl Shell Tiles, that would be perfect in our patio and bathroom. That will be our next project, we’re just waiting until we finished painting the dry wall and so on. Putting tiles will be the last thing we will do then we will add more paintings and frame. Can’t wait to put it in the wall, it can add more elegance in the patio then I could put my favorite curtain. I can relax in the patio while watching the kids playing outside.

So if you are looking for glass tiles, I urged you to visit glasstilestore.com. They have summer sale! It’s free shipping on every order! Get your favorite tiles now at glasstilestore.com!