Sunday, August 1, 2010


Do you like Tiles? Both our kitchen and bathroom has Tiles. I love it because it’s easy for me to clean and since we have different Tiles in our kitchen and bathroom. We are thinking about getting more tiles to put in the Patio. Hopefully we can find the same Tiles we got in our kitchen. If not then maybe we can try the Subway tiles from They have great selections of Tiles from Glass, Stone, Marble Mosaics, Stone Mosaic Patterns and more.

I like the Pearl Shell Tiles, that would be perfect in our patio and bathroom. That will be our next project, we’re just waiting until we finished painting the dry wall and so on. Putting tiles will be the last thing we will do then we will add more paintings and frame. Can’t wait to put it in the wall, it can add more elegance in the patio then I could put my favorite curtain. I can relax in the patio while watching the kids playing outside.

So if you are looking for glass tiles, I urged you to visit They have summer sale! It’s free shipping on every order! Get your favorite tiles now at!

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