Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jumpsuit Leopard...

This is the Jumpsuit Leopard I ordered at The color is not the same as the picture but the quality of the fabric, the design are the same. The one I got is black leopard jumpsuit and the one I ordered is brown leopard jumpsuit. But it was okay, I am happy with it even though the color is not the same. I receive the items last Thursday afternoon and so far I am happy with it.

How much you think this jumpsuit is? If you buy it at the store, I am sure it will cost about 25-30 bucks? Did you know that I got this for only $5.89. Isn’t that a great deal? That’s why I love to shop at because most of their clothing are free size, since I am short and petite, I assure that all the clothing I ordered from them will fit me perfectly.

The shoes I am wearing is the sweet bohemia knitted water proof sandals, I also bought it at How much you think this shoes cost? It might cost $30-40 if you buy it at the store but I only got this shoes for only $8.63.

How do I look at this photo? Feel free to comments, your opinions is really much appreciated. Thanks and don’t forget to visit!

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