Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Recycling for the home...

Buying toys is very expensive that’s why I try to recycle some of the thing we used at home especially the cardboard box from the cereal, bottles and other things that can use for recycling. I urged my kids to be contented of what they have instead of wanting to buy those expensive toys from the store. Well, we buy them some toys but not the expensive one, good thing because Dustin only wants those cheap toy car that you can only buy for a buck. He has plenty of those and since we have this huge cardboard box, I make it as a little house for them. I put door, windows with different shapes. They love it and they play it a lot. Instead of buying a kiddy doll house, this little house made of cardboard help us to save some money. So, I would say recycling for the home is a really a good idea.

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