Saturday, August 7, 2010

medical scrubs

Most of the Filipino I’ve known here in Grand Junction area works at the nursing home. Some of them works at the hospital as a Nurse and therapist. Since they are working at the medical field, I usually see them wearing their nursing uniforms or nursing scrubs. It was so nice seeing them with those nice scrubs. It looks good in them and it’s very appropriate at their job.

Talking about medical scrubs, I found and they offer different colors of scrubs. They also have lab coats and scrub hats. So if you having hard time finding scrubs, then look no further because has the scrubs you need!

I have a friend in the Philippines just graduated nursing and she want’s to apply abroad and good thing because she’s looking for a nursing uniforms so I think this is a good opportunity to recommend it to her that way she can buy it online instead of finding it at the store.

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