Sunday, August 15, 2010

bathroom tiles...

I was browsing tiles online because my husband and I are talking about adding more tiles in the patio. The patio is not really done yet it needs painting in the dry wall. Tiles will be the last thing we will do in that little room. We are thinking to use the left over tiles we have, same as the one we have in the kitchen, but we’re not sure if that’s enough to put in the patio. I saw a nice tiles that would be perfect in the patio at Guess what? They have also amazing bathroom tiles collection! Since one of our friend are renovating their bathroom, I was thinking to share this website to them. Who knows! Maybe they can find the perfect bathroom tiles. offer a free shipping on every order. They also have subway tiles that you can choose. So if you are planning to buy a tiles then take an additional 5% off 1 week only summer sale at glass tile store and don’t forget to tell your friends! They have great selection of tiles from glass, marble, stone mosaic, metal, pearl and more! Grab your tiles now at!

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