Thursday, August 12, 2010

cluster mailboxes

Most mailboxes in our area is made of cluster mailboxes. We walk around one block to get our mail every afternoon and it’s a good exercise and my kids love to go with me every time we will pick up the mail. On weekends, mostly on Saturday we get our mail around lunch time because the mailman will come at 1:00pm. The cluster mailbox we have had 12 doors and it’s color grey. Very simple, very different than what we have before when we live in Silverthorne.

Talking about mailboxes, I found a website where they offer all kinds of mailboxes from commercial mailboxes, apartment mailboxes, community mailboxes and even CBU mailboxes, they have 28 cluster mailboxes that you can choose. You can view all the selections at their website. They offer different color and style. It’s free shipping on all cluster mailboxes and it’s low price! So if you need mailboxes in your job site then you better check!

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