Friday, August 27, 2010

That was weird!

While my husband driving going to Steamboat Spring, Dana got car sick, she throw up in the car, I need to change her and clean her up, so I ask Mike to stop the car and get extra clothes in our luggage. The luggage is at the back in our truck. So we stop for a little while in the open area and this weird thing happen. We saw a wind forming like a little tornado or something and it coming to our truck. The window was open and it was so fast, it really scares us. Mike was outside trying to take a picture but he didn't get one. We can feel the car is moving and I was thinking maybe this little wind dust will blown our car away. It only takes a second and we saw the wind going away from our truck and we got dust and gravel all over the car. Isn't that weird? wish we got a picture with it. It was scary and guess what? we lose some of our stuff, my earrings is gone and also Dana's bag of diaper was also gone. Maybe the wind blown it away somewhere because my husband left the luggage open.

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