Thursday, September 30, 2010

dedicated hosting

When it comes to web hosting, I like the one that is affordable, easy to use, very reliable, has unlimited disk space and traffic and the most important is they have 24/7 technical support because when you have a business online, it needs to have a 24/7 technical support in case something happens in the website. There are many web hosting provider that you can choose but it’s hard to decide. The only thing you can do is to compare all the prices and ratings of each web hosting provider. I found this website at, it gives me an idea on which web hosting to choose. They give reviews to all web hosting providers and rate it as well. It’s easy to choose because you can see it on each web hosting features and the prices too. Good thing they have cheap windows hosting available under $5. For more web hosting selection visit

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our white Ford Truck

This is our White Ford Truck. I am the one who drive it while my husband at work. He is using the Green Yukon. I just done vacuum the truck because it was messy inside. It looks nice and clean now and I love driving this truck even though this truck is too big for me to drive hehe :-)

Front yard garden

This is our front yard garden. It looks pretty nice because of all the flowers. We are so glad that the 4 flowers we planted survived. They didn't die at this time because the last plants we put there died. My kids love to smell the flowers especially Dana. I took this photo couple days ago.

Exercise at home

Tired at work and no more time to go to the gym? How about doing the work out right from your home? Have you heard Physiic? This is an online community where you can workout from home in a live, interactive fitness class. Pretty interesting right? You can invite some of your friends and exercise at home. This is really fun and interesting. You can see it live through webcam, so if you have computer and webcam, this is the easiest way to work out and guess what? The fitness professionals will give you personalized instruction so you don’t have to worry about. You don’t have to drive to go to the gym, just by clicking your computer and visit Physiic, you can easily get the exercise instruction you need. They offer live online yoga and pilates classes and If you register today, you can get a first class free. So what are you waiting for? Visit and sign up for free!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Winter is coming! It means we need to get ready for our heater. Our heater still working but I am not sure, we didn’t turn it yet for this year. I saw an infrared heater online at and they offer a 30 day risk free trial and it’s a same day shipping items. Their Colby power heater empire cherry and Williams power heater premium oak is only $299. I think that’s a good deal. I never seen that kind of heater before but its really nice to use it in our patio. You can use it anywhere! conserves energy, provides safer and softer heat and the important is, its safe to touch for kids and pets!

Dana is driving!

Look at my little girl here, she is so happy to be in the car, she is really stirring the wheel. We are about to go at the mall but Daddy still inside the house, where waiting for him. Dana can't wait to go to the mall and play! :-)

Log beds

I love the look of a log house, seems very unique and elegant and of course, If you have a big luxurious log house, it is very look great to have a log furniture. What do you think? That’s only my opinion. Well, log furniture is really interesting and unique and guess what? You don’t have to go to the furniture shop to get the log furniture you need because by logging in to your computer and visit, you can easily find the log furniture that you really like especially the log beds, they have great selections for beds and they are look fabulous in your bedroom!

blue tarp

We have a small port outside for Dustin so that he can play it in the afternoon when its nice day out. Since we didn’t put the blue tarp yet, so when its sunny outside, he don’t want to play his port instead he play in his sandbox. I told my husband about it but he still don’t get a chance to put the blue tarp. Well, maybe this weekend he will. I can’t wait to see how Dustin’s port look like with the tarp in it. I think it will look pretty good! Lot of shade and I am sure Dustin would love to play his port and spend more time playing with her sister.

Talking about tarps, I saw a great deal for blue tarps at my, you can’t believe the price! You can save 70% up to 73% on all their tarp selection. They also have custom tarps available. So if you are looking for tarps then is the right website for you to visit. Hurry and get the tarp you need!

At the Library

This is Dustin and Dana's first time to go to the library and join the story telling moment. I am with my Filipina friend Arlyn with her 13 month old son Jacob. It was fun and Dustin is really cooperative. He loves it and he is really interested unlike Dana, just sitting down and listen to the story telling but she always asking for snack. When the session is done, they got a chance to draw face at their tea pot made of paper and color it. We will absolutely do this again this Thursday but will do it at the main branch.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Debt help

I never had problem with debt even before when I was in the Philippines. I don’t owe anything to my boss, my friends and my family. Well, if we have financial problem, my mom barrow money to our relatives and promised to pay them after few months. Here in the United States, I know there are many people who are suffering for debt. It is more convenient to buy anything you want if you use credit card. Credit card is the easiest way to shop! But you better watch out! You still need to pay those credit card bills every month and if you don’t pay it, you will be in trouble or it will affect your credit score. There are credit card debt settlement companies help millions of people who have problem in debt. This debt help might be the only way. Look for debt consolidation programs to help you in your debt problem. Try visit and get a free consultation.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Going back to Grand International Buffet

Yesterday, me and my kids, my fellow Filipina friends and their two lovely son have lunch at Grand International Buffet here in Grand Junction. We had great time and after we had lunch, we went to the Mall so that the kids can play again. Then this morning my husband told me that we will go out to have lunch. He said its kind a unfair that we went to the Grand International Buffet without him but since he love their restaurant and he has a favorite main course their at Grand International Buffet the Mongolian Stir Fry something and their Sushi Bar, we decided to go again for the second time but this time, my husband will go with us. I’m glad the kids been really good and their Buffet was awesome!


I missed going to school, it’s been 9 years since I graduated my two year course computer secretarial. I really want to continue my course and get a higher degree. I was thinking about that when I came here in the United States because I know that I can still continue and get a higher degree while I am staying at home with my kids. Online School is my choice so that I can watch my kids at the same time and I don’t need to go to the campus to learn such things.

I have some friends that tried online school and they like it, actually told me about Walden University. This school has a lot to offer, you can apply directly online or request information about their school, scholarships, monthly payment plans and other financial aid. So you don’t have to worry about financial because at Walden University, you will find a variety of financial aid options to fund your Education. I was also reading the article about The Chronicle and I find it very interesting. So, You better check it out and get your degree course!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yellow Pink Dress

This is the yellow pink dress I made for my little girl. I'm glad I finished it not before my husband came home. I surprised him too because I make a few arrangement in the living room. I moved some of the furniture and do a little change. It was a nice one, Dana love her new dress and she says she is a Princess, she says Prinn meaning Princess. The color is really look good in her, her skin more lighter when she wear yellow and pink fabric :-) I still need to make an underwear to match the dress :-)

Business news

I am not a business woman but it doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to know about the business news. Of course, I am still interested to know more about business. Reading newspapers is not my thing but If I saw an interesting article then I read it. My husband told me to watch news on TV or look up online to give me ideas on what’s going on. I do sometimes but I think reading business news and other news article online is a good thing to do since I spend most of my time online. I was browsing business news and bumped to this website at The article that really caught my attention is the Gold hits new record high after Fed rates signal. It was very interesting! I been talking about gold investment and other precious metals in my last post, you better check it out too especially if you are interested to know about Gold investment. For more business news articles and topics visit!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Many people are hesitate to invest a big amount of money especially if they are not sure if they can get a good result for their investment. In our situation, maybe it’s not a good choice when we invest the motorcycle, but this house we bought is a good investment too. When time comes that the prices will go up high, we can absolutely sell this house and buy a new one.

Anyhow, talking about investment, gold coins and other gold bullion and precious metals are also a good investment. If you are planning to invest gold coins and other precious metals, I will absolutely recommend United States Gold Bureau, they are your trusted gold authority. If you want to know more about how to invest in Gold, you might like to visit their website first and talk to them about this matters.

Telluride Downtown

This is Telluride Downtown, we went there when my mother in law was here visiting us. It was a nice downtown but when we get there, they seems having a festival or something. The town was so busy, lot of people and cars. I think Telluride is a nice place to visit. It was a nice ride though and we enjoyed it :-)

Debt Settlement

We’re in tight budget sometimes. It’s hard especially if we only have one income to rely on. I also thankful that I make an extra money online through blogging that way I can help to pay our bills and other stuff. We paid all our credit on time and I think our credit is not really that bad. My friend talk about Debt Settlement but I am not sure if we are ready for those. If we are, then I am sure my husband will talk to someone who are in good in this matter. I heard about all those Debt Relief company that really help you on your debt problem. They are willing to help you even though you have a bad credit history. Debt Negotiation is what they do, they help you to talk with your credit card company to lower all your monthly bills and after few years you will be debt free! Isn’t that wonderful if you are debt free? Don’t let yourself be drown in debt, if you having problem, you can talk with the specialist or you can visit united debt counseling and get a free debt analysis. Let them help you and be debt free!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

enclume potracks

Being able to cook good food with my family makes me happy especially if I saw a nice smile in their face after they eat the food. I am not into cooking but with the help of my magic recipe book, I learned a lot. I try different kind of meal every night but mostly I cook simple meal like home made burgers, spaghetti, bean and dip, pork chops in a crock pot and chicken adobo. We only have 3 available pans and it already had a scratch in it. So it stick when I fry the food and it’s hard to clean it up. I need a very good dishwashing liquid to take all those grease. I put the pan inside the oven and when I cooked I can easily grab it but it would be nice if we have an enclume pot racks. I saw an enclume potracks online at and I love all those hanging pot racks collection! The one that really caught my attention is the enclume premier classic rectangle pot rack with grid, this is the one I saw in one of my favorite cooking show. They can easily hang the pan and take it whenever they need it. You better check all their enclume pot rack selection at and save 15% in your next purchase! Hurry because they offer a free shipping!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Dustin and Dana with their Lola (Grandma)

I'm so glad I took this photo. It's a nice photo of Dustin and Dana together with their Grandma. It's nice having my mother in law here with us and we miss her a lot! Two weeks went by so fast! Well, will see her again next year.

Social Security Disability

Is there anyone in your family has been disabled because of an accident and need a social security disability insurance? I found this website at, they are the leading nationwide provider of financial and healthcare related services to people with disabilities. If you want to get a security disability insurance for your love ones, this might be the right website for you to visit. They can help you process the paper. All you have to do is complete the SSDI process with them and they can do the rest. There is no transaction fee so you don’t need to worry about. If the information I gave is not enough then you better visit their website and talk to their experts. Get the SSDI benefits you deserve, visit now for more details!

Ferrari baby!

Ferrari is one of the car I’ve been dreaming of. I am not sure how expensive it is but if I given a chance to drive a Ferrari then I will be pleased and happy even though I can’t own it in a real life. Anyhow, I know some of you own Ferrari and if you are looking for a Ferrari parts, don’t forget to visit They have all Ferrari parts you need. They are the trusted partner of independent shops and enthusiastic owners worldwide. They are also a one stop supplier for genuine Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini parts and accessories. So why go to other website if ricambiamerica has it?

The Orange Shirt

This is the one I ordered from

The actual item

I really love this shirt. Very simple but its a fashion trend I think. Made of Cotton, it fits in me perfectly. Look the same at the photo and it only cost $3.11. Good deal isn't it? I paid $23 for the 3 shirt I ordered but the blue one that has the same design as this shirt is out of stock so they send me the credit balance in my account. I was supposed to receive this Tuesday but it came early. Thanks! I am looking forward to order again next time! :-)

steel buildings

What do you prefer to have, a garage made of wood or a metal garage? For me, I would say I like metal garage and metal shed. It’s more safer than wood especially if you get a very high quality, completely fire resistant steel buildings. The arch type metal buildings is perfect to any commercial and industrial building. It’s waterproof and very strong to withstand any kind of weather condition. If you are looking for a residential use, farm metal buildings for agriculture, commercial and arch building, then you better get a quote from crown steel buildings. You can save up to 60% for their online special.

compression stockings

Winter is coming and I need to buy a new stocking to keep my leg warm. I am not used to wear stockings but when its cold I really need to put stocking on. I saw a nice compression stockings at They have upper and lower extremity, bras, decorative and more. I like the lower extremity collection and the knee high. I think that’s what I need in a cold weather. I will also recommend it to my friend since she’s looking for footwear and accessories because lymphedemaproducts also offer footwear, accessories, custom garments, education materials, foam padding, bandages, treatment kits and many to mention. So hope she can find what she needs!

I got the package!

The items I ordered from

The actual items

Its me! Wearing the puple blouse!

I never thought that my package will come early today. I am expecting it this coming Tuesday but here it is. I got the package from! I try it on right away and woolah! It perfectly fit in me! I love it and I will absolutely make another order from them next month. I am thinking about buying that sandals that I saw at their hot sale. It’s very affordable and they have my size available. Anyhow, so far I am happy with the items and I will post the photo later.

Industrial Computers

Looking for industrial computers? Have you visited yet? They are the new era of industrial computing. They have great selection on their industrial computer chassis. They also have industrial motherboard, rack mount LCD display, keyboard, PICMG Single Board and Passive Backplane. They have everything you need for your industrial computing. If you have any question, you can contact them at this number (858)391-1006. For more details and information about their product, visit

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cyber Monday Special

Next week I will get my earnings from blogging and since I make more than $600 this month, I will absolutely do my shopping online. It’s nice to reward myself for all the hardwork I’ve done. I will just buy new shoes, clothing or maybe jewelry. I need to check also what can offer, they have Cyber Monday Special, so maybe I will just start my online shopping this Monday that way I can save tons of money for my next purchase.

Family photo

At last I took our family photo! Instead of going to the Studio and spend more than hundred bucks. I rather took a photo of us using my digital timer. We are getting ready to go for our meeting and before we go, I had a chance to take a photo of us. Dana's hair look funny at this photo. It standing up! Dustin's hair look good, not so messy at this time. I like this photo, I will make a bigger copy with this and post it in our wall. :-)

mini laptop

Having a laptop is really a big help. I don’t need to share computer with my husband, I can talk my friends and family anytime I want. I can get online everyday and never missed all the assignments. I can bring my laptop wherever we go especially when we go for a long trip and stay for a night or two at the hotel. My friend ask me where I buy my laptop and since she’s planning to get one, I shared her about what I found for netbook reviews. That way she can get ideas on what kind of netbook she will get. Mini laptops will be perfect for her, not very expensive and the price are very affordable. If you are planning to get a mini laptop just visit and look for netbooks category.

Thunder got infection...

We notice that Thunder leg is swolen. He keep licking it at night and it bleeds too. So my husband decided to call the Vet to make an appointment. He took him to the Vet today around 7:30pm and they find out that Thunder got infection. They give him antibiotic so hopefully he will be okay.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

make it personal!

Since I’ve tried the slide show from, it makes me want to make more slideshow. I make 3 slideshow from them and I like it! You can customized the design and upload many photos as you want! They have great slideshow design that you can choose from. You better try it and see for your self! It’s nice to keep photos of our love ones and see it through slideshow, it looks like a digital frame and you can share it to all your friends all over the world!

baby shower thank you cards

This coming Saturday, we will attend baby shower from one of our lovely young couples in our congregation and I was so excited! I already finish the small quilt blanket and a small pillow, this will be my gift for little baby Jemma. I went to the store this morning and got the gift bag but I forgot to buy a card. Anyhow maybe I can use the old baby shower thank you cards that I have before on Dana’s baby shower last February. Will see or else I need to go back to the store this week and see if I can get one.

credit cards...

I never had my own credit card since I moved here in the US. I shared the credit card with my husband and I am not sure if I am ready to have my own. I am not really a spender and if ever I will have a credit card, I make it sure that I have a good credit score. How about prepaid credit cards? Have you ever tried it? I have a friend from Philadelphia and she’s using prepaid credit cards and one of her niece has a student credit cards too.

Talking about credit cards, you can view the top credit cards at They are the #1 Free Industry Resource for Comparing Credit Card Offers. There are many credit cards company out there, it’s up to you which one to choose. Well, It depends if you use those credit cards for business, personal or for shopping! Visit compare credits now and start finding the best credit card you need!

My So Called Life - Blog New Look

I finished installed Lynn's new layout title My So-Called Life yesterday. Mabelle purchased the layout two days ago. At first she got the pink layout and decided to get the blue one instead. So if you want to view her new layout, feel free to visit her blog and send her some love! Just click the photo above and it will direct you to her blog site. Thanks! 


The article written by Karl Morgan

Spending time on the water in our boat is the most perfect relaxing time for me and my husband. When we are looking to spend some great quality time together, we always go fishing. For us, sitting together in the quiet atmosphere with the sun and a slight breeze is just perfect. We always fish just for recreation and will always release what we catch. However, we pack a camera just in case we catch "the big one". This type of fishing always ensures that the the environment is stress free and slow paced. To me, the joy of fishing is more about enjoying the outdoors and the environment. Viewing the sunrise or sunset on our boat with a fishing line out in the water with the one that I love is one of my favorite ways of relaxing and enjoying the day.

To make sure that I get the most relaxation while we are away from home, I always make sure that our Adt alarm system in south gate is on. I always can let go and relax better when I know that my home is protected and safe.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

apidexin discounts

How you could lose 4-7 pounds per week? Is it that possible? I think so! I heard many satisfied customers who use apidexin and they all say that they really lose weight that fast! I read those consumer review at and the people who been using apidexin for years are very satisfied with the product. How well does apidexin perform? This is the questions that most people want to ask. Well, if you want to find it out visit their website today and learn more about this product. If you are interested to try apidexin, here is the apidexin discounts so that you can save in your next purchase.

Laundry time!

Today is my laundry day! I washed all the bed sheets and all the blankets. I still have one more load to go but I will do that tomorrow morning because it's already late in here. The kids are sleeping and my husband playing his game online. I need to harvest my farm too at farmville game. I have lot of things to do, many assignments to make and tomorrow I need to visit a friend. So hopefully I can do it all tomorrow morning or else I will postponed it until Thursday or Friday. Will see... hehe :-)

best fat burner

I was reading one of the product reviews about best fat burner and I found it very interesting. I saw many weight loss pills and slimming pills in the market but it’s hard to tell if those product really works or not because some of them claimed the same, that their product is safe and effective. The only thing I would say is that, product reviews really help a lot, that way you can easily decide which one really works. Seems like DecaSlim is in their top 1 on their lists. Look at their overall value, it’s worth paying for! What you think? Visit slimming pills review to find out more!

Slim and Petite...

I am the short one in our family and I am tiny girl too when I was a kid. They called me Payatot means skinny. Until now I am still slim and petite but it doesn’t matter now because my husband accept me for what I am and who I am and that’s important to me. I am happy with the way I look and I don’t have any problem with my weight. Some think that I took slimming pills and some think that I am peaky when it comes to food. I stop working out two years ago and my diet still the same, rice everyday and I love century tuna. Anyhow, if you want to know about the best slimming pills available in the market today? You might want to visit

In Grand Junction downtown...

I love to walk around downtown here in Grand Junction. We took my mother in law there, the weather was nice and we had great time. Here are some of the photo I took, Dustin was so cute hugging that status bear. It almost the same size as him! The second photo, we are just resting and I took a photos of us using my digital camera timer. :-)

migraine relief...

This past few weeks, I didn’t go out to go on service because I always have bad headache and the kids woke up late everyday. It’s hard to wake them up early because they will get grouchy after. One of our sister approach me that maybe I have a migraine and I need a migraine relief. But I don’t think it is a migraine, I’m not sure. I took pain killer and it helps a little bit. I was thinking maybe it is just a reaction especially when my period is coming or maybe the weather gives me headache because it was really hot that time. Anyhow, I am okay right now and I have a lot of things to do, I still need to finish all the assignments and finish this gift for the baby shower this coming Saturday.

Sleep problem...

Are you one of those people having hard time sleeping at night and need to take sleeping pills before going to bed? I never tried sleeping pills before but if I can’t sleep at night I will just make myself tired like reading book and play my games online. I heard some people that suffering depressions are mostly the one who can’t sleep at night. They take sleeping pills to help them go to sleep. Some are already have sleep problem, that's what they call an insomia that’s why they can’t sleep at night. Anyhow, if you are looking for a website where they reviews all the sleeping pills product, then you better check

Fort Uncompahgre Museum

This photo taken at the Fort Uncompahgre Museum, Delta Colorado. My husband love history and going to this kind of places are very interesting. You will learn about how Indian people live before. This is what their village look like. The third photo you see above is an oven made of mud. The second photo is their garden. The last one is the woman explaining us the history of the Fort Uncompahgre Museum. :-)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Web Hosting

Web Hosting? I was thinking about it, either I will get one or not. I already have 2 domain in my two blogs and my two other blog need a web hosting. I talked with a friend two days ago and she mentioned about managed hosting. I knew some of the web hosting company that offer a low price for their service. I heard also about colocation at website, but I never tried their service yet. I check their website and seems that their web hosting prices are cheaper than what I expected. I will probably recommend this to my friends who has small business online.

If your curious to know about their service then you better grab this opportunity and find out how their service works. So either you own a small to medium businesses, is the perfect choice in web hosting. Why not give it a try? For more details and web hosting prices visit

Safety Gates

All I want is the safeness of my children. I think most parents do, they protect their children and make sure they are safe inside and outside the house. There are lot of things in the house that is not safe for children. When we moved here in Grand Junction and rented the house where it has attic and basement, it scares me all the time because my baby boy love to climb upstairs. Good thing my husband bought a Baby Gates. The Child Safety Gates help a lot, that way he can't climb upstairs and downstairs at the basement.

Well, after almost a year we decided to buy a house, we find this nice house and it don't have stairs. That's what we wanted, it safe for my kids especially that I have two kids now. We also have 3 dogs and of course we never forgot to buy Pet Gates. We put the gate in the hallway so that they won't go to the living room and make mess. They sleep in our bedroom at night and they stay at their kennel morning until afternoon. But when it rains, they stay inside in the patio.

Anyhow, talking about Safety Gates, you can visit KidCo Gates and They have all the gates you need from Pressure Gates, Stairway Gates and Extra Wide Baby Gates.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Me and Mike at the National Monument

This photo taken last Tuesday, September 7, 2010 at the National Monument. Our Photographer is Dustin, he is 4 years old. He did pretty good! He is a good photographer, he captured the nice view in the back, they called it Cook Ovens. It was an amazing view! I love to go back their again next year! :-)

Indoor and Outdoor lights

Looking for all kinds of lights? From spotlights, flashlights, lamp posts, landscape and security lights? Look no further because offer a wide variety of lighting from indoor and outdoor ceiling lights, porch lighting and garden lights. Guess what? They have the C7 led christmas lights too. These are the popular choice for outdoor use. It’s nice to use in shrubs, trees and walkways. Hurry and get the lighting you need at elightspot!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Where to Find Good Deals on Knitting Supplies

Content by Mac Kline

I have a huge collection of knitting needles. I think I have just about every size of circular needles and double-pointed needles as well as multiple pairs of each size of straight knitting needles. In addition, I have an assortment of knitting accessories that includes everything from row counters to stitch holders and cable needles. You might think I paid a lot for all of these tools, but that's not the case. There are bargains to be found if you just know where to look.

One of my favorite places to find bargains on knitting supplies is at garage sales. I once bought a large garbage bag filled with yarn for just $5! The prices on knitting needles, crochet hooks and other craft supplies at garage sales are often quite cheap, but you have to be careful because some people don't know what they are worth and will set the price higher than it ought to be. You will usually find the best deals on boxes or bags of supplies that are sold as a group.

In addition to shopping at garage sales, you can get great deals buying craft supplies at estate sales that are handled by an auctioneer. Craft supplies are usually sold by the box at these sales, so you might end up with a large box of supplies for $10 or less.

I have also bought quite a few lots of knitting needles and other craft supplies on eBay. I use to connect me to buyers and sellers all over the country and try to find large lots that will still be a great deal even after figuring the cost of shipping. You don't have to spend a fortune to build a large collection of knitting supplies.

Ear pierced

Dana got her ear pierced yesterday at Claire's fashion jewelry shop (Mesa Mall). It was really intense because I know she won't like it. Well, all kids don't like it when they get their ear pierced. Mike wasn't there that time, so my mother in law and I decided to get it done. We are supposed to did this when Dana was 3 months old, she is 18 months old now and I think it's time for her to get an earrings. She is so cute with her rose earring. She did pretty good today and she smiled when she look at herself in the mirror and see those pretty earring.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Puppy training

Guest post written by Drew Douglas

The idea of a puppy definitely outweighed the memories of the difficulty training our now old cocker spaniel Harry. But we thought that Harry needed a companion to help liven him up and act like a young dog again so we got a cocker spaniel puppy named Daisy a few weeks ago.

It’s been a little tough doing this all over again, but I’ve noticed that Harry has taken a liking to his younger counterpart and treats her very well just like an older brother should. My wife pointed when I was rewarding Daisy with a treat after we made a successful trip outside that I was talking really loudly. Even though I was commending Daisy she acted like she thought I was yelling at her instead until I gave her dog treat. I made an appointment at miracle-ear, looked at some hearing aid reviews and bought some that week.

It made house training Daisy a little easier and she’s responding better to my commands. I also noticed some other things that I was missing out on before.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Father and Daughter moment...

The first photo was taken at Cabelas Store at the Mesa Mall and second one is when we get home. They are both tired and fall asleep in the couch. This is a sweet moment of Dana and her daddy. Love this photo :-) Isn't that sweet?

blomus stainless steel items...

Who love stainless steel? I bet most people love to own an stainless steel products from their kitchen, bathroom, living room and more. Either indoor or outdoor, stainless steel is really nice to look at. We have some stainless steel items in the kitchen but it would be nice if we also got a stainless steel refrigerator and an oven.

Anyhow, talking about stainless steel, I bumped to this website at, they have great deal for their stainless steel items. All their products are made by blomus, if you are not familiar with blomus, you might want to visit their website for more details and selections for all the blomus stainless steel fireplace accessories. You can find anything you need! Stainless steel for decoration, cooking, dining, outdoor, work and more. How about the stainless steel mailbox and stainless steel fireplace accessories? If you need those items then this is your chance to take a look and browse around to their website and see all the items they can offer.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Online wholesale coffee store

Who doesn’t love coffee? I bet many of you loves coffee. I don’t drink coffee so much because I am nursing my 18 months old daughter and whenever my husband drink coffee, I drink a little bit of it as long there is a coffee mate in it or lots of milk and cream. My husband is a coffee lover and he loves to drink coffee twice or trice a day. I broke our old coffee maker so we’re using the new one. We got the star bucks coffee maker. I usually make coffee at night before going to bed and just turn the timer on so that in the morning when my husband woke up, the coffee was hot and ready.

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Both knockout...

While driving going to Steamboat Spring after we pick up my mother-in law at Denver Airport. Dustin and Dana are both knock out. It was a long trip Denver to Steamboat Spring, that makes them tired and sleepy. I was feel sleepy and tired too but I enjoy the scenery. Here are the picture of Dana and Dustin, they are both knockout! :-) Dana has really god a cute long eye lashes. They sleep pretty good in the trip :-)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Making new friends

Guest post written by Maribelle Carter

I’ve had social anxiety for all of my life, so when I moved to a new retirement community away from most of my friends and family, I was really hesitant about being around all those new people. But I’ve made lots of new friends and I’m pretty proud of myself for conquering a lot of my issues in befriending these people.

One night when we were playing Scrabble, I was having a tough time participating in the conversation because I couldn’t hear everything everyone was saying. Then someone asked me if I had any grandchildren and I answered that I used to have two cats. I do have grandchildren, I just misunderstood them. They all laughed and then the man asked me again and I understood him.

I was pretty embarrassed but the man who asked me the original question pointed at his ears and said he had gone to miracle ear cincinnati before moving here. Then two women chimed in and said they both got hearing aids in houstonand hearing aids in brooklyn before relocating. After that I made an appointment and got some.

Although the incident was embarrassing, I’m glad that my new friends helped me laugh through it.

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