Monday, September 13, 2010

Safety Gates

All I want is the safeness of my children. I think most parents do, they protect their children and make sure they are safe inside and outside the house. There are lot of things in the house that is not safe for children. When we moved here in Grand Junction and rented the house where it has attic and basement, it scares me all the time because my baby boy love to climb upstairs. Good thing my husband bought a Baby Gates. The Child Safety Gates help a lot, that way he can't climb upstairs and downstairs at the basement.

Well, after almost a year we decided to buy a house, we find this nice house and it don't have stairs. That's what we wanted, it safe for my kids especially that I have two kids now. We also have 3 dogs and of course we never forgot to buy Pet Gates. We put the gate in the hallway so that they won't go to the living room and make mess. They sleep in our bedroom at night and they stay at their kennel morning until afternoon. But when it rains, they stay inside in the patio.

Anyhow, talking about Safety Gates, you can visit KidCo Gates and They have all the gates you need from Pressure Gates, Stairway Gates and Extra Wide Baby Gates.

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