Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The article written by Karl Morgan

Spending time on the water in our boat is the most perfect relaxing time for me and my husband. When we are looking to spend some great quality time together, we always go fishing. For us, sitting together in the quiet atmosphere with the sun and a slight breeze is just perfect. We always fish just for recreation and will always release what we catch. However, we pack a camera just in case we catch "the big one". This type of fishing always ensures that the the environment is stress free and slow paced. To me, the joy of fishing is more about enjoying the outdoors and the environment. Viewing the sunrise or sunset on our boat with a fishing line out in the water with the one that I love is one of my favorite ways of relaxing and enjoying the day.

To make sure that I get the most relaxation while we are away from home, I always make sure that our Adt alarm system in south gate is on. I always can let go and relax better when I know that my home is protected and safe.

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