Sunday, September 19, 2010

enclume potracks

Being able to cook good food with my family makes me happy especially if I saw a nice smile in their face after they eat the food. I am not into cooking but with the help of my magic recipe book, I learned a lot. I try different kind of meal every night but mostly I cook simple meal like home made burgers, spaghetti, bean and dip, pork chops in a crock pot and chicken adobo. We only have 3 available pans and it already had a scratch in it. So it stick when I fry the food and it’s hard to clean it up. I need a very good dishwashing liquid to take all those grease. I put the pan inside the oven and when I cooked I can easily grab it but it would be nice if we have an enclume pot racks. I saw an enclume potracks online at and I love all those hanging pot racks collection! The one that really caught my attention is the enclume premier classic rectangle pot rack with grid, this is the one I saw in one of my favorite cooking show. They can easily hang the pan and take it whenever they need it. You better check all their enclume pot rack selection at and save 15% in your next purchase! Hurry because they offer a free shipping!

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