Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Puppy training

Guest post written by Drew Douglas

The idea of a puppy definitely outweighed the memories of the difficulty training our now old cocker spaniel Harry. But we thought that Harry needed a companion to help liven him up and act like a young dog again so we got a cocker spaniel puppy named Daisy a few weeks ago.

It’s been a little tough doing this all over again, but I’ve noticed that Harry has taken a liking to his younger counterpart and treats her very well just like an older brother should. My wife pointed when I was rewarding Daisy with a treat after we made a successful trip outside that I was talking really loudly. Even though I was commending Daisy she acted like she thought I was yelling at her instead until I gave her dog treat. I made an appointment at miracle-ear, looked at some hearing aid reviews and bought some that week.

It made house training Daisy a little easier and she’s responding better to my commands. I also noticed some other things that I was missing out on before.

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