Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Feel disappointed...

I feel really disappointed because I can’t send the jewelry that I supposed to send to my sister in the Philippines as a gift. We went to FedEx yesterday afternoon after we pick up the refill ink. I went inside while Mike watching the kids in the car. I’m done fill up the form and they already put the box in the big envelope. When they weight it, I was totally shocked when they tell me the shipping cost. It’s $81 to ship this jewelry to the Philippines. I don’t want to spend that much for the shipping. Well I changed my mind and tell the girl that I need to talk with my husband first and I will come back if we already decide if we ship this jewelry gift or not. I go out to that door and feel really disappointed. I really want to send this gift but I don’t want to pay 80 bucks. Mike and I decided to just send them money and they can buy jewelry or they can spend the money whatever they want. I will just keep this jewelry and bring it when we come back to visit my family in the Philippines next year.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Business survey

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Saturday, March 27, 2010


Because of the weather, I never had a chance to go out and send this jewelry gift to my sister to FedEx. Maybe I need to wait until next week, I will try to go out this Monday and see if I can stop by at FedEx after service. I talk with my sister last night and she ask me if I already send it or not. I say not yet! She need to be patience though hehe. She is just excited to receive those jewelry. Even my 2 nieces are also asking for a gift, they like a heart necklace too, the same as what I got for my sister. Where you can put picture inside in it. It was a nice necklace and I am sure she will absolutely love it. This coming end of the month on March 31st. Shiena is graduating in Elementary then this opening she will be in First Year High School. She already planning to take a scholarship. She is smart and hopefully she will passed for that scholarship.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

When I got home...

We went on service this morning together with our brothers and sisters. We’re placing invitations for upcoming memorial this coming March 30th. We had great morning, we take a break at City Market. It’s Dustin favorite, to eat chicken at City Market every break time in service. Around noon time, I went home and shocked because when I open the door, all 3 dogs is in the living room. How they get here? I put them at the patio this morning. When I check the patio, the glass door is open and the screen door is knock down. I am not happy with it so I lock them up outside at their kennel. I don’t know how to put this screen door back. Maybe I need to wait until Mike will get home.

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We shop in the nearest store close by last week because the weather is really bad. It was raining and cloudy. We got all we need but the problem is, the line is long and it‘s only one cashier check out available. We ask one of the workers why there is only one cashier checkout that is open, will they said they have problem with their barcode scanner and they are trying to fix it. That time their self check out is also not available. That was a very frustrating day but its okay maybe next time it won’t happen again because I am sure they will have a new barcode scanner when we come back at their store.

Shopping time!

Our convention will be this coming June at Pueblo and we already make a reservation. We’re excited about it and can’t wait to hear the talk. We will stay in Pueblo for 4 nights and 5 days. That’s why we need to shop this weekend, I need to buy a dress to wear in the convention, Dustin and Mike need to have a new tuxedo shirts and my little girl Dana need to have a pretty dress to wear too. After the convention, Mike plans to drive going to Michigan to visit his mom. Will not sure it yet but will see…

Big earrings...

I just receive the package which is the apple bottoms earrings and heart necklace two days ago. This is the one I bid online at The earrings look small in the picture but when I got it, it was big. I think my sister won’t wear this because I never seen her wearing big huge earrings before. I told her about it and she said it’s okay. She still wants me to send that earrings to her, she will wear it only inside the house. She don’t want to wear it in public because maybe someone will snatch it from her. Anyhow, maybe I could find her another pair of earrings next time at I will send this gift to her this coming next week when we get my husband paycheck. I know she’s excited with the gift I have for her. I am so happy with it and next time I will get another heart necklace for my mom and niece. Will see if I can find a great deal from bids.

Lawyer for motorcycle accident

Last Wednesday our neighbor showed us his new Harley Davidson Motorcycle. It was huge! Very new and I was totally amazed. Wish I could ride one of those but too bad I am scared to drive motorcycle. I bet my husband like to have that kind of motorcycle. We have motorcycle but mike didn’t use it for months now since it’s winter. The motorcycle we have is GSXR1000, I like the motorcycle we have but it’s hard to ride in the back because I always slide my butt to Mike’s sit. Anyhow, I heard a lot of motorcycle accidents here in Grand Junction area. I was wondering if our neighbor has motorcycle accident lawyer. I’m not sure but maybe we can ask him and recommend this

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My goal...

What's your goal for this year? My goal is to stay slim, eat healthy food, exercise more, spend time with my husband and kids and learn how to prepare good dinner. This past few days, I won't go to bed unless I eat my midnight snack that's why I had a fat in my belly and I need to get rid of this because it might not look good especially that spring is coming and I don't want to wear my swimsuit if I still have this fat in my belly. Good thing my friend recommend me this quick trim extreme burn. Maybe I will try this product and see if it can help to burn this fat of.

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Wish for the best!

I read the article news last night about Manny Pacquiao. I know his one of the best boxer and I am really proud of him. He did a lot for the country Philippines, he help a lot of people. He makes a lot of people happy and proud. There are many people asking him to give another fight for Wayweather before he decide to retire. Since her mom wants the best of his son. Don't want to see his son get hurt. But that's the way it is! Life of being a boxer is not easy, sometimes it scary. Anyhow, we wish for the best for Manny Pacquiao and his family.

Under eye cream for dark circles

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Monday rants...

It was a nice day out, 50 degrees, not breezy, blue sky and sunny. The green car was fixed and Mike used it this morning to go work. The white truck is available so I decided to go to the Filipino store to buy some goodies. The kids are with me and I bring cocao (our pitbull) with us. I was supposed to go to the fabric store also but then I found out that the fuel is low, instead of going to the fabric store, we go home after and fixed dinner. While fixing dinner, I bring my laptop out in the kitchen and start searching for a weight loss guide and bumped to this website at They provide guides and tips to help you lose weight healthily. If your interested click here to find out more!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Earthquake in Surigao?

I just read the news article about this magnitude 5 quake rocks Surigao and it worries me because my family lives in Davao City and its part of Mindanao. I don’t know how far Surigao is in Davao but hopefully my family is okay. I live thousand miles away from my family and it bothers me especially in this critical times. I have a friend live in Surigao too, kind a worried for them. I didn’t talk with my sister for two days now and I am sure black out is the problem. I just hope I can talk with them tonight or maybe tomorrow. I need to make it sure that they are okay. If they get affected to the said earthquake or not. Well, hopefully not! Magnitude 5 is not that bad but still you can feel the intensity of it. Do you think magnitude 5 can destroy buildings and houses?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blue Cross NC

What health insurance are you using? We been using Blue Cross and Blue Shield as our health plans. This is the company we trust and so far we don’t have any problem with it. I have a friend in North Carolina and I think I will recommend Blue Cross NC to her. If she’s online, I will absolutely share this website to her. Who knows maybe she’s still looking for a health insurance for her and her families.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Another cold day...

I woke up this morning with headache and my back was sore. I look outside and its snowing. It’s another cold day and this kind of weather makes me lazy and tired. I hate this kind of weather but since its snowing outside, instead of going out in the afternoon with the kids, I decided just to spend time online and look for an urban clothes and do bidding at bids. I also watch Pilipinas Got Talent and I really enjoyed watching it. I can tell that Pinoy really got an amazing talent. Although we don’t have Filipino Channel, I’m still thankful that they upload the videos in Youtube.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

San Jose real estate

My husband and I are talking about moving. I am not sure when and where. I am sure we will have hard time selling this house since we just started to built a patio. If we will moved away from this City, I will consider to live in the place where we both agree and be happy. We heard about the San Jose real estate and I have a friend who live in California too. It seems very nice in that area but I don't think mike will like to live in the big city but will see. Whether Mike like to move or not. I will go wherever he go.

Opps! my mistake...

I was checking my e-mail this afternoon and I get frustrated because I receive a lot of junk and spam mails. I don’t know how they get my email add. I also receive an email that I won a lottery, I guess this are all spam’s because if it’s true then maybe I am already a millionaire! Whatever… I just ignore them all and delete in my inbox. Suddenly my friend buzz me on yahoo and she says hi and I thought she’s the one that I’ve known before but it’s not, it’s a different person, they just have the same user name. Anyhow, while talking to her, I bumped to this website while I’m browsing in my computer. It’s about different various men’s health products and they have full positive reviews including extenze, orexis, longevity, flex belt, nuphedrine, flex arms, fortex and a lot more.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Do you love to shop shoes online? I bet all girls wants to have a very nice pair of shoes. I heard the saying in one of my favorite series that said “nice pair of shoes can take you a long way”. I am not sure if that’s true. What you think? Shoes is one of my weakness too. Every time we go to the mall, I can’t help not to look at their new arrival shoes. Talking about shoes, I was very amazed of Christian Louboutin shoes collection from I like the orange leather “Talitha” platform sandals. Hope I can have this kind of shoes. It’s quiet expensive but I am sure its worth the price! For all shoe lovers out there, is the ultimate hook-up for the fashion obsessed. Visit now and get the shoes you like!

What happen?

Acne is what I am scared of especially that I suffer bad acne before and I don’t want to make it happen again. I was kind a worried because when I talk with my sister online and see my brother’s face. I ask him what happen in his face? How come he has lot of acne? Is he not taking care of his face because of his hectic schedule at work? Gosh! my brother have a lot of adult acne in his face. I am not sure if he’s using adult acne treatments or not. He better treat those adult acne or else it will look very bad.

Colon cleansing

Colon cleansing is what I want to try since my husband tried it before. He said, it works really good and you will feel the difference after taking the colon cleansing. I heard a lot of colon cleansing products and I am not sure which one is the right one for me. I am kind a scared to try new things because maybe it won’t work for me or maybe there is a side effect in it. Reading reviews on colon cleansing products is what I am doing right now. I take my time to find out the honest colon cleansing reviews and I was very thankful that I bumped to this website at They have all the information and answer I need.

Wednesday rants

It’s another wonderful day today! sunny and not breezy. Pick up the mail and playing outside our backyard is all we do in the afternoon. I do the laundry because Dustin accidentally pee at his bed and I talk with my friend online. Dana was sleeping that time so I have a chance to talk with her for about an hour or two. Anyhow, she ask me if what kind of acne cleanser I am using because she started to have an acne since she came here in the United States. I recommended her the where he can find the top 3 acne cleansers on the market. Hopefully she can find the right acne cleansers for her to use.


My husband is on diet and for him phentermine is the only diet pill that works for him. He’s been taking phentermine last year and for two months, he lose 25 pounds and since he’s been reading reviews about this product, it makes him eager to order some more. He ask my permission if he can order online and I say “Sure why not! I know that this diet pill really works and if you really want to lose weight, try phentermine and see the results right away.


Choosing the right films is not easy. Well, for me I am not picky when it comes to movies. The important is I can relate the stories and the movie plot is not boring. I am fascinated to love stories, romance and comedy. Not crazy in horror films. Actually, when I was in college, our professor give us an assignment to make a short advertisement film. That was my first time and we’re having hard time to complete the assignments. Our professor give us a month to prepare and share it to our class. It was very annoying because some of my classmates, they didn’t take it seriously. But I’m still thankful that we finished it not before a month.

Anyhow, I know there are many of you out there that are fascinated in film making. Most of you are professionals and some are just newbie. The film licensing is also a good idea. If your film is licensed? It is possible that your film will become popular and who knows! Maybe there is a buyer will interested your work. This is your chance to license your films to the mobile industry. There are nothing to lose if you try! You can visit their website for a free registration.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Playing outside...

The weather today is not bad, it was about 40 degrees. I decided to bring the kids outside to play in the backyard. First, we walk at the mail box to pick up the mail and then let them play together in our backyard. Dana having a lot of fun as well as Dustin. They even don't want to go inside the house. It's kind a breezy in the afternoon so I told Dustin that we don't need to stay longer outside because it's breezy and it started to get dark. They both play at the sand box. Here are the photos:

Still waiting...

Last week I won a nice high quality earrings and necklace at I already pay it through paypal. I am still waiting for the package. They will send it to me through fedex. The retail price of the earrings is $40 and I won it just only $6.00! The retail price of the necklace is $95 and I won the bid for only $9.00! Isn't that great? I only pay $23.o0 including the shipping and handling. I can't wait to have them in my hand this week. It said it will be here this Friday. Next time, I will surely make another bid and hopefully won a nice necklace so that I can send it to my sister in the Philippines for a gift. I promised to her that I will send her a high quality necklace when I get paid to my blogging this month. Will see...