Saturday, March 27, 2010


Because of the weather, I never had a chance to go out and send this jewelry gift to my sister to FedEx. Maybe I need to wait until next week, I will try to go out this Monday and see if I can stop by at FedEx after service. I talk with my sister last night and she ask me if I already send it or not. I say not yet! She need to be patience though hehe. She is just excited to receive those jewelry. Even my 2 nieces are also asking for a gift, they like a heart necklace too, the same as what I got for my sister. Where you can put picture inside in it. It was a nice necklace and I am sure she will absolutely love it. This coming end of the month on March 31st. Shiena is graduating in Elementary then this opening she will be in First Year High School. She already planning to take a scholarship. She is smart and hopefully she will passed for that scholarship.

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