Thursday, March 18, 2010

Big earrings...

I just receive the package which is the apple bottoms earrings and heart necklace two days ago. This is the one I bid online at The earrings look small in the picture but when I got it, it was big. I think my sister won’t wear this because I never seen her wearing big huge earrings before. I told her about it and she said it’s okay. She still wants me to send that earrings to her, she will wear it only inside the house. She don’t want to wear it in public because maybe someone will snatch it from her. Anyhow, maybe I could find her another pair of earrings next time at I will send this gift to her this coming next week when we get my husband paycheck. I know she’s excited with the gift I have for her. I am so happy with it and next time I will get another heart necklace for my mom and niece. Will see if I can find a great deal from bids.

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