Thursday, March 4, 2010

Opps! my mistake...

I was checking my e-mail this afternoon and I get frustrated because I receive a lot of junk and spam mails. I don’t know how they get my email add. I also receive an email that I won a lottery, I guess this are all spam’s because if it’s true then maybe I am already a millionaire! Whatever… I just ignore them all and delete in my inbox. Suddenly my friend buzz me on yahoo and she says hi and I thought she’s the one that I’ve known before but it’s not, it’s a different person, they just have the same user name. Anyhow, while talking to her, I bumped to this website while I’m browsing in my computer. It’s about different various men’s health products and they have full positive reviews including extenze, orexis, longevity, flex belt, nuphedrine, flex arms, fortex and a lot more.

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Our World Of Fun said...

They get our emails by searching the internet world through a software. It reads the content of websites and searches for potential email address. That software collects it basically.

I am glad to be back here.