Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Choosing the right films is not easy. Well, for me I am not picky when it comes to movies. The important is I can relate the stories and the movie plot is not boring. I am fascinated to love stories, romance and comedy. Not crazy in horror films. Actually, when I was in college, our professor give us an assignment to make a short advertisement film. That was my first time and we’re having hard time to complete the assignments. Our professor give us a month to prepare and share it to our class. It was very annoying because some of my classmates, they didn’t take it seriously. But I’m still thankful that we finished it not before a month.

Anyhow, I know there are many of you out there that are fascinated in film making. Most of you are professionals and some are just newbie. The film licensing is also a good idea. If your film is licensed? It is possible that your film will become popular and who knows! Maybe there is a buyer will interested your work. This is your chance to license your films to the mobile industry. There are nothing to lose if you try! You can visit their website for a free registration.

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