Sunday, October 31, 2010

All-in-one Bra and Bodyshapers

What’s up with that bulging thing when you wear tight bras and cami? It doesn’t look good isn’t it? I know the feeling because it happens for me too. Even though I am not heavy, but when I wear tight bras and cami, the bulges showed up. I only have few bras that I really love to wear everyday. Some of my old bras, I throw it away and some of them, I keep it in my drawer.

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3's Marias

That was me wearing black jacket and my two Filipina friend Arlyn (white) and Elvie (red). This photo taken last Friday October 29, 2010 at Eagle Rim Park. It was a nice day, blue sky but little bit chilly. The kids are having fun while the mommies are taking photos using the timer. Dustin is the photographer in the first photo above. He did a good job, but I close my eye in that picture hehe :-)

Saturday, October 30, 2010


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Friday, October 29, 2010

Looking forward to a warm winter

Guest post written by Gloria Patterson

When you move into an old house, you obviously are going to have to make some sacrifices. Well, I kind of knew that going into buying our house, but I put it at the back of my mind until we braved our first winter there last year. We definitely had to bundle up more than usual in the house and this year I didn't want to have to do that.

Short of ripping the the house down and starting all over again, which is exactly what we were trying to avoid, really the only thing that I could think that would help us would be installing a new heating system. I got SEARS heating and air to come out and replace our heating system so I thought that it would help a lot.

When I told the installers about our issues they also suggested making it less drafty by also replacing our windows. It ends up that a lot of energy is lost by bad windows and I have noticed that itÕs a lot colder beside them so weÕre going to do that too.

Dustin Mad Hat

Dustin is smart enough to know how to print. He print this mad hat. He got the pattern from his favorite online games Wonder Pets at Nickjr website. I help him assemble the pattern and glue it together. He was so happy when we get done. He put it on and want me to take a photo of him. So here it is! Dustin look so cute here, he got that nice smile! I think he got it from me hehe :-)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Online Trading

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Say cheeezzzzz!

Dustin has a nice smile at this photo. He say approved! hehe... This photo taken last month to Jessica and Jake's baby shower. They held it at Eagle Rim Park here in Orchard Mesa. His face was red, he stay too much in the sun. What a nice good looking boy! Love you Dustin!

hunter boots

My husband and I are not into hunting but the husbands of my two Filipina friends are both hunter. They love to hunt Elk, Deer and even Moose. Actually one of them went hunting last week and stay for a week to hunt Elk but he and his friends didn't caught one that's why they decided to go home and they will try again next time. It's hard when there are many hunters but only few Elk in the area so they better luck next time. Hunting seems fun and exciting as long you have a license, if you caught a huge elk then you don't have to worry about meat, you already covered for the whole year meal. I am sure many of you out there love to hunt but talking about hunting have you wear your new hunter boots? If your hunter boots is old and need to replace a new one then you better get a new hunter boots at

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kids new photos

These are the new photos of my kids Dana and Dustin together with Jacob, Arlyn's son. This photo taken last Friday, October 15. Look are them, they are so cute! They really having fun with that jumping thing out there, I forgot the name. We did a lot of pumping with it since we don't have an electric pump, we did pretty good! We are so glad we finish it! :-)

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Online games

My husband has his favorite online games, same as my 4 year old son. Dustin play learning games at nick or pbs, that’s the only website I will allow him to play. It’s for kids and he can learn a lot of things there. For me, I play online games once in a while. I love to play bejeweled, word game, 9 balls and other puzzle games. That’s why I am thankful that I have my own computer that way I don’t need to wait until my husband done playing his online games and I can use the computer after. When my husband at work, my four year old son play at his computer and I can do my thing here in my laptop. I usually play online games in the afternoon when my 19 months old daughter sleeping in the couch and at the same time I can play my farm at Farmville and do some assignments as well. If you like to play online games in your spare time? You can visit, I am sure you will find the perfect online games for you and for your family. There are many game choices and pick the one that you really like. Have fun playing!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

easy to carry knives

It’s very important that you bring an easy to carry knife wherever you go except if you go the store because I think they won’t allow it. When we go for a road trip or a camping, my husband always bring his Kershaw Scallion easy to carry knife. It’s very useful to have a small knife especially when you go on camping. Better to bring a small one that the big knife right? So if you are looking for small knives, I will absolutely recommend kershaw scallion, you can visit for more eye catching colors of their easy to carry knives!

Get together...

This photo taken at my filipina friend house Arlyn. Get together again in a Friday afternoon last October 15, 2010, together with Ella, Arlyn, Me and the kids Dana, Dustin and Jacob. We had great time, we had lunch at their house and the kids are having fun!

Multiple Sclerosis

It’s hard when our love ones got sick and suffer diseases that can’t be treated. It happens for me when my younger sister got sick and I wasn’t there to comfort and help her. I don’t have any choice that time because my visa was expired and I am waiting for my new green card. This November is her one year death anniversary, I will just send money to my family so that they can use it.

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in the kitchen...

I was looking for a butcher block countertop online and came across this website at, I can’t believe the prices and their great selection. I think it’s worth the price because their countertops are in high quality and they are on sale today and you can save hundreds too. Not only that, they also offer kitchen islands, butcher block tables, kitchen carts, cutting boards and other kitchen furniture.

Talking about the kitchen, I always dream about having a kitchen makeover. I spend most of my time now in the kitchen that’s why I always bring my laptop at the kitchen so that I can easily find good recipes online. I’m thankful also that we have nice stainless steel kitchen sink. It helps me a lot to wash dishes in the sink especially those big pans. We are almost done with the patio and if ever we will get another furniture, I was thinking to get an adirondack chair. That will be perfect in the patio. What do you think?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dustin at Grand Junction Downtown

This photo taken last year I think, I just tagged this photo from one of our sister in our congregation. I never seen this photo before and when I see this picture in her profile, I grab it right away. I love this photo, Dustin is really a good looking guy and he did pretty good immitating this lady statue :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Free Foreclosure listings

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dana's chair...

Look at Dana here. She sit down on Princess back. What a nice chair Dana! hehe :-) Well, as long Princess doesn't mind. Dana is not that heavy and Princess seems like it. She was eating her cookie while Princess and Thunder just laying around. We're watching iron chef at this moment and I'm glad I took this photo!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

garden arbors

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mommy and kids moments

My kids are growing so fast! Dustin will turn 5 years old this coming January 2nd and Dana will be 2 this coming February 26th. Days went by so fast, I can still remember the time when they are still a little baby. This is our moment together. Love my kiddos!

Monday, October 11, 2010

glass racks

When was the last time you invite your friends and family and enjoy the company together? Did you offer them wine to drink? Wouldn’t be nice if you have a wine glass rack? That way you can buy any kind of wine you like and when special occasion come, you are ready for a glass of wine with your family and love ones. If you have great meal then it’s wonderful to have a glass of wine in the table isn’t it?

I remember the last time when we visit our friends in Denver. We stay in the basement where they have an entertainment room, we watch movies and play billiard. They have a little bar and you can see the wine glass racks in the top of it. You can easily reach the glass and wine at their hanging wine glass rack. It was very interesting. Since we only have few friends in our area. I don’t think we need a very luxurious glass racks. Talking about glass racks, you can buy any bar glass racks at They have great selections of all their glass racks, so you better visit their website and get the glass racks you need!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Accutane lawsuit

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Cutie Dana and Jacob

Sweet moments of my little girl Dana and his friend Jacob, Arlyn's little boy. They are so cute together :) This photo taken yesterday October 8, 2010 at Eagle Rim Park, Orchard Mesa.

buy gold coins!

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New photos with friends!

This morning before lunch, me and my Filipina friends planned to go to the Park again for the second time. This time, Glady's and her son Tyler come with us, same group as well with Arlyn and his son Jacob, Elvie and his son Jacob also, then Ella, Me and my two beautiful kids Dustin and Dana. It was fun and we would like to do it again next time hehe :-)

Paradise Valley Homes for Sale

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


How I wish I can watch my favorite sports game live. I never seen it live since I moved here in the United States. I wonder how much the ticket? I remember a month ago that a friend of ours will watch a live baseball game together with her husband. She and her husband will surprised my mother in law to watch the game and I bet they buy the ticket online or somewhere. I live here in Grand Junction and I know Denver is the nearest City that has a big Stadium. I never been there but I would love to go there someday.

Anyhow, talking about tickets, you can find all tickets available from your favorite sports game at If you are near to this area you can get the ticket you need. Here are some of them: Yankee Stadium, Busch Stadium, Philips Arena, Citi Field, PNC Park, Verizon Center, Nationals Park and more. Visit for more popular and upcoming events. See you there!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jacob, Dana and Tyler

Dana seems very shy. She don't want to give a smile... On her left, that is Jacob 13 months old and at the right side is Tyler. They both wearing red shirt. This is such a nice photo of 3 of them even though Jacob seems not happy at this photo :-)

just address plaques

What kind of address plaque you have? Ours is just an address numbers. It’s very simple and it’s very affordable too. We saw a nice address plaques online and they have pretty good deal. When we walk around the block, some of our neighbors has this nice custom address plaques. I wonder where they bought those address signs. I research it online and came across at and guess what? They have the one that our neighbors has. They offer a lowest price guaranteed and have a large selection of address plaques on the market. If you are thinking to buy address plaques for residential, commercial, for your mailboxes or even specialty plaques, you might like to visit Their deal of the day are exclusive 24 hour web special. So you better sign up today for email alerts and get a great deal for all their address plaque selections.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sign up for free!

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Boston Real Estate

I never been to Boston but I know Boston is a nice City. There are lot of Filipino’s live in that area. I watch Boston Legal with my husband and they show a lot of nice places in Boston. They have big buildings, nice views and luxurious houses too. My husband don’t like to live in a big City, he prefer to live away from the City but since I am a City girl, I don’t mind to live in Boston at all and see Boston Luxury Lofts. Boston is far away from here and moving there is not easy. It’s hectic and very hassle. Well we already settled at this house and I’m not sure if my husband still want to moved or not.

Talking about Boston, if you are looking for luxurious houses and properties for sale in Boston area, I would probably recommend Bushari Group Real Estate. They offer professional real estate service throughout Boston. You can easily find the one you need if you let them help you with this matters. Finding new homes is not easy that’s why Boston Real Estate is there to help you. Visit for more details and luxury house listings.

Picnic with friends!

October 1, 2010 - Me and my Filipina friends named Arlyn, Ella and Elvie have plans to met together at the Eagle Rim Park for a little picnic together with my kids Dustin and Dana and Arlyn and Elvie's son named Jacob. Their son have the same name and birthdate. Very interesting isn't it? It was really fun, we got a chance to go out together without our husband. We stay at the park until 3pm, let the kids running around and play at the playground. We might do this again next week. Will see... :-)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Health Insurance in NC

In our family, health is very important that’s why we are thankful for our health insurance. It help us a lot to all our medical bills, we are all covered from medical, dental and vision. I never tried to apply insurance by myself because my husband is the one who apply for us. Anyhow, if you are looking for health insurance in nc, you might like to visit They have lot of option to choose but I am sure the have the health insurance you need. Get your free quote now and don’t hesitate to apply online at

Plan to go to the park

Me and my Pinay friends are planning to go to the park today with our kids, I'm just waiting for their call. We didn't set the time yet so I am not sure what time we will go to the park either before lunch or after. My kids are both awake now, they are so excited to go to the park. They always looking forward to it every weekend. Since my husband is working, we can do it as a family tomorrow or this Sunday. So, will see...