Friday, October 8, 2010


I been in the blogging world for almost 4 years and so far I really love it. It's like my everyday personal diary. I can post anything I want and talk everything that I think of. Post good memories with my kids, every day photos and other interesting stuff. I also like visiting other bloggers blog, it gives me ideas on how to increase traffic in my blog and also to earn extra cash through blogging.

Well, there's a lot of things that you can do in your blog. You can blog anything you want! Either its about food, family, photography, travel, mixed bags, etc. When I start blogging, I don't have any mentor, I do my own research and learn my own. When I met other bloggers they told me about this adsense revenue sharing. Its very interesting and at the same time it makes me wants to blog more!

Actually last time I blog about apartments and house for sale and where they can find a good houses for a great deal. If they are looking for apartments, I recommend them the HUD apartments for rent and also the belize real estate. There's a lot of things to blog about so it's up to you what topics you want to talk about and share it to all your friends and family!

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