Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Online games

My husband has his favorite online games, same as my 4 year old son. Dustin play learning games at nick or pbs, that’s the only website I will allow him to play. It’s for kids and he can learn a lot of things there. For me, I play online games once in a while. I love to play bejeweled, word game, 9 balls and other puzzle games. That’s why I am thankful that I have my own computer that way I don’t need to wait until my husband done playing his online games and I can use the computer after. When my husband at work, my four year old son play at his computer and I can do my thing here in my laptop. I usually play online games in the afternoon when my 19 months old daughter sleeping in the couch and at the same time I can play my farm at Farmville and do some assignments as well. If you like to play online games in your spare time? You can visit, I am sure you will find the perfect online games for you and for your family. There are many game choices and pick the one that you really like. Have fun playing!

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