Monday, October 25, 2010

hunter boots

My husband and I are not into hunting but the husbands of my two Filipina friends are both hunter. They love to hunt Elk, Deer and even Moose. Actually one of them went hunting last week and stay for a week to hunt Elk but he and his friends didn't caught one that's why they decided to go home and they will try again next time. It's hard when there are many hunters but only few Elk in the area so they better luck next time. Hunting seems fun and exciting as long you have a license, if you caught a huge elk then you don't have to worry about meat, you already covered for the whole year meal. I am sure many of you out there love to hunt but talking about hunting have you wear your new hunter boots? If your hunter boots is old and need to replace a new one then you better get a new hunter boots at

I found an amazing deal for stuart weitzman shoes and I like the Stuard Weitzman Yetala Boot Black Suede. It will be perfect for me this winter. You can shop by your favorite designer shoes at They have great selection and if you want to see more popular brand shoe collection, you might like to visit the women's shoe blog. Look at this stylish shoe of Tory Burch, isn't that look lovely? Green is my favorite color and this is one of my favorite shoe style.

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