Tuesday, October 19, 2010

in the kitchen...

I was looking for a butcher block countertop online and came across this website at butcherblock.com, I can’t believe the prices and their great selection. I think it’s worth the price because their countertops are in high quality and they are on sale today and you can save hundreds too. Not only that, they also offer kitchen islands, butcher block tables, kitchen carts, cutting boards and other kitchen furniture.

Talking about the kitchen, I always dream about having a kitchen makeover. I spend most of my time now in the kitchen that’s why I always bring my laptop at the kitchen so that I can easily find good recipes online. I’m thankful also that we have nice stainless steel kitchen sink. It helps me a lot to wash dishes in the sink especially those big pans. We are almost done with the patio and if ever we will get another furniture, I was thinking to get an adirondack chair. That will be perfect in the patio. What do you think?

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