Monday, February 28, 2011

Raking the leaves

Dana and Dustin are trying to help their daddy to rake the leaves in our front yard. We got pretty much leaves in there. It looks good after they rake all those leaves. Dana having fun raking the leaves as well as Dustin. They are such a good helper! Love them both!

classroom audio system

Wouldn’t be nice to have a classroom audio systems? The classroom audio system ensures that every lessons comes in loud and clear. This can help the student to hear the lessons well. We don’t have this kind of thing when we’re in high school or even in my college days. Wish they provide classroom audio or classroom amplification on that time. Well, maybe they do now. I am not sure, it’s been a long time I didn’t visit my school. I didn’t even get a chance to get my year book.

Anyhow, if you are looking for a classroom audio or conference audio systems. You might like to visit, they are the first name in classroom audio systems. You can look up their products and see if you can find the one you need. They offer amplifiers, speakers and accessories. If you are a director of technology for a school or university, you might like to find out their technical tips for classroom audio systems. For more questions and information about their product visit or contact them at this number 972-434-2582.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chicago Honda Dealer

I mentioned earlier in my other blog that we are planning to get a used car and sell the GMC Yukon Truck. We got the GMC truck yesterday at the auto shop and they already changed a new fuel pump. It runs really good and my husband drove it while me drove the other truck. What a relief to have our truck back! This week I will absolutely go out with my fellow Pinay friends, maybe going to Filipino store and buy my favorite Filipino goods. Anyhow, the GMC truck will be fully paid after 2-3 months and that would be the best time to sell it and buy a used car. Since we are looking for a used car online, I bumped to this website at the new car dealership at, they are one of the Honda Dealer in Chicago.

I like Honda cars and since I am fascinated with color red. I found this 2010 Chevrolet HHR LT in their used car inventory for only $13,988, it’s almost the same price when we got our GMC Yukon truck. So if you live in Chicago area, you might get interested to buy cars directly to their website. Either you are looking for a new or used car, you can look at their vehicle inventory and see if you can find the one that you are looking for. Another thing is, they offer a service special from oil and filter change, tires and free break inspection. For more details visit!

Friday, February 25, 2011

A file of leaves!

This photo taken last Wednesday afternoon. Mike wants to rake all the leaves in front of our house and look how many leaves we've got? It's a lot! Dustin like to play on those leaves and they are having fun with it! They are also helping Daddy raking the leaves and me just standing and taking photos of them and waiting until they finish filing the leaves then we can put it in a garbage bag after.

la flor dominicana double ligero

When I hear about cigars, it reminds me of my papa. My papa love to smoke cigars and even my grandpa. I think this is the reason why he got sick because he smoke too much and drink a lot too. I never try smoking even before when I was in the Philippines. My mom will probably scolded me if she saw me smoking cigars. Some of my friends is a smoker but they only use those cheap cigars available in the market. We went to the mall last week and I noticed one of the store who are selling electronic cigars, that’s really cool! They are look expensive but yet very affordable. There are many kinds of cigars that you can find at the store and if you are looking for a famous cigars, then you need to visit the, they have the la flor dominicana double ligero and I heard that this cigar are awesome.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Looking for used cars...

At last tomorrow, we will pick up the green Yukon truck that’s in the auto shop for couple of weeks now. That truck has fuel pump problem and need to replace a new one. My husband and I was thinking to get a used car and sell the Yukon. I am not sure if we can get another big truck or a mini van. It’s hard to decide which one we will get but with the help of the car connection, we can look and compare some available cars at their website.

The thing I like at the car connection is that, they review cars and the web. You can read reviews on each car model, this can help you find out if those cars are right for you or not. Just like the lincoln mkz, it is a four door sedan with some interesting styling cues. Built in Hermosillo, Mexico. I think this is one of the car I like. I see this car at one of the commercials and it really looks nice. We also look the saab 9-5, the porsche and infiniti fx which I really consider to have. Infiniti has a sexy crossover design, it is more sophisticated than any other cars.

Well, we better look some more and read car reviews that way, it would be easier for us to decide which car we will buy next time as the exchange for the Yukon. So if you are looking for a new car, thecarconnection is the website I will absolutely recommend. Visit now and read car reviews or you can also get a free price quotes at their website.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dustin got a new hair cut!

Before he got his haircut

After he got his haircut

Yesterday, we decided to take Dustin to the Saloon to get his hair cut. Since Dana is not feeling well, Mike took Dustin to the Saloon and me and Dana stay at home. They also went to one of the Charter School here in the Valley to get the information because Dustin will go to school this Fall. He is very excited to go school this year and I am sure he will be okay. He is a smart boy and he learn a lot already, I am sure he won’t have hard time catching up all the lessons. So that means, I will be busy that time to bring and pick him up at school. Anyway, that will be this coming fall and I am excited too as well. When they get home, I was very surprised because Dustin has really a good hair cut. It looks good on him and my husband is very happy with the outcome on his hair cut. The hair stylish who cut Dustin’s hair did pretty good! Here are the photos, before and after.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

tippmann paintball gun

Have you tried playing paintball with your friends before? I am kind a curious about this type of game, it sounds really fun and interesting. I thought paintball is only for military, police or any law enforcement job. I didn’t know that paintball is the fastest growing and safest sport in the world where everyone can play except with the kids I think. Well, I look up online and find out that there is one American Paintball Coliseum in Denver. This is the Colorado’s largest and best indoor paintball arena.

Of course when you play paintball, you need to have the right gear for this type of sports. You need a tippmann paintball gun marker too. Tippmann paintball guns are the most durable paintball gun you can purchase. So when it comes to tippmann paintball gun marker, has all the tippmann you need! Guess what? They are on sale right now so hurry and get the tippmann paintball gun and enjoy playing paintball with your friends and colleagues!

Friday, February 18, 2011

lipo 6 hers

People are talking about losing weight nowadays, I am not really worried right now because I am still nursing my 23 months old girl. She will turn 2 next week so I will probably start weaning her. Like what my husband always says that when I start weaning Dana, I might gain weight because I eat more than before. Well, I might gain weight if I don’t discipline myself when it comes to eating. That’s why starting from now I need to limit the food I eat and make sure I am eating healthy foods. Anyhow talking about lose weight, have you tried the lipo 6 hers? I never tried this product before but if you are interested to know what lipo 6 hers and if this product will help you lose weight or not. You might like to visit and read the reviews about lip 6 hers. Visit for more details!

Broccoli for side dish

Did you know that broccoli can kill bacteria responsible for stomach cancer? I just find it out at one of the article I read online from A research team found that eating broccoli daily may help stave off some serious health problems. That’s why I always prepare broccoli to our dinner as a side dish. Everyone loves it! Dana and Dustin doesn't eat vegetable so much but we decided to add vegetable in the dinner table. The kids starting to like it especially Dana. Actually I am boiling the broccoli right now and thanks to my husband for buying broccoli today hehe :-) I will try other recipe next time which is the Chicken Divan!


I was preparing for our dinner for tonight and while waiting for the chicken to cook, I end up browsing online about powerful amino acids and came across this website at The jack3d reviews has all the information about this product. My husband seems not tried this product before but I heard that jack3d is among the most popular and potentially powerful pre-workout supplements in the market. So if you are one of the jack3d users or never tried this product before, you might like to read the reviews first and see if this is the right product for you.

dark circles...

Those people has dark circle in their eyes most of them are stressed, feel depressed, working too much and don’t have enough sleep. The age can cause of having dark circles too just like my mom does. She has dark circle around her eyes now and wish I could buy her something to get rid of those dark circles. It’s hard to be away in my family and I missed them a lot. I am just so thankful that my husband and kids are the one who makes me happy. All I want is to see my family happy too and get them settled. Everytime I heard problems from them, it affects me really bad. I can’t sleep enough at night because I was thinking about them. Well if you are one of those people who has the same problem about dark circles then check this website at, they will let you know on how to get rid of dark circles under my eyes.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

slot games

We went to Las Vegas 3 years ago, I like that place because you can do anything in there. There are a lot of nice places that you can visit, big hotels, famous restaurants, malls and theaters. Seems that people in Vegas are not sleeping! They are all busy playing casinos and having fun! I remember when my friend ask me if I played one of the slot machine and I say I didn’t. I never tried the slots before and I even don’t know how to play it! I have two friends from Las Vegas and I am sure they never missed to play this kind of game.

Actually, one of my friend mentioned to me that if she can’t play slot at the casino, she usually play it online since offer slot games. Well, I think I would prefer to play online that way I can play anytime in the comfort of my home. How about you? Would you rather go out somewhere and play slots or stay home and try the slot games from quick silver games? If you like to play slot games, you better visit their website and enjoy!

Our Old Photo

This is our old photo taken 5 years ago, May 2005 when we first met. We're at Villa Margarita Hotel where Mike staying. We are facing infront of the mirror when we took this photo because we don't have someone to took picture with us. We just set the timer and woolah! hehe. Are we a perfect couple? :-)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Match 3 Games Online

I play online games once in a while especially if I am not busy or when the kids are sleeping. Sometimes at night too before going to bed. I usually play farmville, cityville on facebook, bejeweled and any word games online. I play it for fun as long it is free and not a complicated game. Like the one that my friend told me about, the Match 3 Games. They have all the games I like! They have diamond jewel, bumblebee jewel, tibet quest, slime army, pizza chef 2, family farm and a lot to mention.

If you like to try the Match 3 Games Online then you better visit their website at You can either download the games you like or play directly to their website. You can either invite your friends, and your family member to play this game with you. There are a lot of games to choose at! You can try the Match 3 Games Download for free! Hurry and download your favorite online games now at best match 3 games!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sports Tickets

I never been to any Stadium since I came here in the United States. So that means, I never seen any live sports game events. I only watch them on TV especially football and hockey game. My husband love football and he play football before. I know many of you out there love to watch sports events and guess what? You don't need to worry about where to buy tickets because, offer all the sports tickets you need from your favorite sports events.

Like the Chicago Blackhawks Tickets, you can choose a chicago blackhawks event from the schedule listed below at their website. They offer you the lowest possible prices. They have friendly, professional ticket broker who is eager to provide you with assistance so you don't have to worry about when you buy ticket to them. How about the New York Rangers? Are you a fan of New York Rangers? Then you better visit and look for New York Rangers Tickets. You can find more tickets here: Calgary Flames Tickets, Boston Bruins Tickets and Aneheim Ducks Tickets. For more available and affordable sports tickets visit!

Went to Cabelas

This photo taken last friday when we went to Cabelas. We bought an Iron Skillet. Wow, Iron Skillet is pretty heavy but my husband said, when you cook your food in an iron skillet, the food will be taste good. The flavor is so much different than you cook it in a regular pan. Anyhow, the animals in the photo is not real, it's just a decoration at the store. Pretty good isn't it? My kids loves it that's why we keep coming back to Cabelas every time we go to the mall.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

degree jungle

Looking for an online degrees? If you can’t think of any university who offer online degree then you might need to give this a try! Through, you can find the best online colleges for 2011. You can see their 64 top online schools and find out their ranking, type, student population, average net price and index score. This can help you decide which one is the right university for you.

I know sometimes it’s a bit confusing when it comes on choosing the right online school because they are many of them and they are all offer a quality education that most students looking for. So if you are planning to go school this year and consider to take an online school degree, then you better visit degree jungle, you can quickly search accredited colleges and degree options directly to their website. Find out the 64 top online colleges at now!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

buy gold bullion

Nowadays, most investor prefer to buy gold bullion as an investment. Buying gold bullion is the most traditional way of investing in gold that's why most people love to buy bullion than any precious metals. We know that Gold has been used throughout history, instead of keeping cash on your safety box, you can exchange it into gold or gold bullion that way when the time comes, your children can inherit those treasure. You can sold those bullion at the major banks and there are some bullion dealers too that provide the same service.

If I could start to invest something, I would love to try and buy bullion. This is the most durable way to preserve our wealth. When my kids grown up, they can use it for whatever they need and when we ran out of money or have problem financially, we can sold the gold for a higher value. Talking about gold, you can request your free gold guide at All you have to do is fill in the information and click submit or you can start buy gold coins and gold bullion directly to their website. For more details visit!

Out on service today!

It was nice going out on service with our fellow brother and sisters. Even though the weather is kind a cold, we are able to go out and work with our brother and sister. The kids are pretty good, Dana like to go out a lot and knock the door and press the doorbell. That's her favorite thing to do and Dustin been so good too but they can't wait for the  breaktime. Right now, my husband was out with one of our brother, they will do their bible study, me and the kids was staying here in the house, waiting for him to come home. When he get back, we have a lot of things to do. We need to go to the Filipino store to get some ingredients for my Filipino food tomorrow. We are inviting one of our brother and sister to have dinner with us. So we will have a Filipino Food in the table. I will make some lumpia (spring rolls), chicken adobo and fruit salad for dessert. Isn't that sounds good? I can't wait for tomorrow, hopefully I can do the recipe right hehe :-) will see! After that we will go to Walmart to do more shopping! :-)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Forden Limited

Looking for a high quality and affordable software products? Have you heard Forden Limited before? You can take advantage on their latest software which is the Super ebuk Reader 1.0. It is available for all Windows OS and works with popular devices including PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Nook and iPod touch. Why I recommend Forden Limited? Because they have an established and successful track record of support services on all their clients and customers. They have hundreds of satisfied users each day so it means they reach thousands users or maybe more than that.

You can take time to read their customers comments and reviews and find out how happy and satisfied they are on their products. Forden Limited has the power to create what their customers want that’s why they deliver excellence products to all their clients. If you want to become one of their satisfied clients, you can take advantage to their affordable software products and you can also tell your friends about it. For any inquiries and questions, you can contact Forden Limited at this number +85264282741.

Used Cars in Chicago

Would you prefer brand new cars or used cars? For us it doesn’t matter, I know most people prefer brand new car and some people also buy used cars. It’s nice to have brand new car and when we bought our first car, it was new and the second car we have was used. Used cars are pretty cheap than new cars. There are many used cars out there that really looks like new and it runs good as new. You just need to find a good dealer who sell used cars.

Online is the best way to shop used cars, that way you can pick the car that you like for a better price that meets your budget. If you are looking for Used Cars in Chicago, I would absolutely recommend the Their Ford Escape is pretty good deal. This is the car we have before when we live in Silverthorne then when we moved here in Grand Junction, we exchange our Escape into a big truck that’s why we got the Ford Truck now. For more used cars deal, you can visit or visit their blog at

Pork chop for dinner!

I love Pork Chop! This is what we have for dinner tonight. I cook the same way as I cook the chicken because I put wine sauce in it. The sauce makes a lot of difference. It's more tasty and yummy and my husband like it a lot. This is an easy recipe that I found in one of my recipe book. First you have to to fry it and make it brown on each sides. I put garlic herb for spices then finish cooking in the oven. For the sauce, scrap the pan where you fry the pork chop then add 1 tsb of butter, add 1/2 tsp of rosemarie and 1/2 tsp of dried parsley, keep scraping and add the 1/4 cup of white wine. Pour on top of the pork chop and let it cook more in the oven for about 20 minutes. Serve with rice or any side dish of your choice :-) Enjoy!

morgan expo displays

Getting ready for your trade show exhibit? Still looking for a unique designs and displays? Why not experience the amazing displays of morgan expo! You can choose one of their displays on your choose, they offer exhibition stands, furniture collections, furniture and displays, furniture packages, audio visual, graphics and signage, expo flooring and more! You can check out the items for sale too!

If you like custom displays, then that would be great! They can help you build your stand, they have opened their new upgrade custom and exhibition stand division. Their custom designs will absolutely enhance your exhibition presence. More choices, more designs at! Having this wonderful displays in your exhibit can attract people easily. They also offer conference rental, for more information for their conference rental, visit or contact them if you have any questions about the prices and their exhibition stands selections at this number 1300668466.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

toshiba netbooks

When I buy netbooks or any electronics stuff, I really don’t care for the brand name because I always look for the price first before buying things. I don’t really care on what kind of brand it is but if I know that the brand is popular and familiar, of course I will choose the one that has a high quality. Like the toshiba netbooks, this is the brand that I like the most but my husband choose the asus. Well, the one I have is not that bad. So if you are planning to buy Toshiba netbooks, you can buy it online by visiting, they have all the Toshiba netbooks that you are looking for. Visit now and save up to $160 for all laptops now on sale!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Smiley and Sad Pizza

It was a football championship game last night and we decided to make Pizza for dinner. My husband make his favorite treat the Ham Roll Ups. We bought a Boboli Pizza and make our own, just put a lot of Pepperoni and 3 different kind of cheese on top of it. While making Pizza, I am having fun playing around and make faces on the Pizza. I was thinking to make a happy and sad pizza. This is what it looks like! I do it for fun hehe hope you all like it.

Orlando Police Harassment

Have you been caught by a policeman because of over speeding because I don’t. I am still very fortunate that I never got a ticket since I got my driver license. Most drivers are not aware with it, they are just driving like crazy and not even care the speed limit, no wonder they got a ticket and get caught by a policeman. There are some police out there too harassing those person they caught. Have you heard anyone or know someone who encounter this situation where the police harassing him/her?
I’ve been here in the United States for more than 5 years now and I never heard about such thing here in the Valley. But when I look up online and search the topic about police harassment, there are many of them been experienced this police harassment thing especially in Orlando. One of this is the one I read in, that’s kind a scary and hopefully it won’t happen to me in the future. So if you encounter Police harassment, you can share it to and let be heard to everyone! This Police harassment should stop and to all drivers out there don’t let this happen to you and if it happens, tell someone whom you can trust. Visit and look for Police harassment topic.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Las Vegas Exterminator

When we moved here in Grand Junction, instead of buying a new house, we decided to rent a house for a year then after that we can decide either we will buy a new house here in the Valley or move to other countries. Since my husband has a transfer job here in the Valley, we decided to stay for good. In the house we rented, it was pretty nice. It has an attic and basement, there 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom. It was an old house, well not very old. It's very well maintained because they have an exterminator who come to the house every 3 or 6 months I think. We have some spiders and other bugs in the house and we're glad because they took care of it.

Anyhow, if you live in Las Vegas and need a Las Vegas Pest Control Services. You can contact or visit They are the trusted Las Vegas Exterminator that you can rely on especially when it comes to this matter. Either you live in the old or a newer house, you need someone to keep those bugs away and Pest Control Company Las Vegas is there to help you. For any Bug Facts information, visit If you have any questions for their service, contact Elite Pest Control at 702-547-529.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

What's for dinner?

My husband love chicken for dinner and this is one of his favorite. He likes this simple leg quarters chicken recipe with white wine for sauce in it. This is what we have for dinner tonight and of course brocolli and rice for side dish hehe :-) This is very easy recipe. First, I rub some garlic herb on the chicken then fry it with olive oil. Let each side becomes brown and transfer to the baking dish and finish cooking at the oven. For the sauce, I add 1 tsb of butter on the pan where I fry the chicken. Add white wine about ¼ cup, then add dried parsley and rosemary, keep mixing then pour it on top of the chicken. Enjoy!

Butt Paste

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Boudreaux's Butt Paste. All opinions are 100% mine.

When I have my first child, I didn’t know what it would be like but the feelings are mixed emotions. I feel very happy because at last I will going to see the baby and we will become a real parent to this child. Sad because I don’t know if I can handle it, I don’t have any experience at all but they said when you have a child, you can learn everything by your self. We have some good friends who help us and we're thankful for that.

My parents live far away as well as my husband’s family so it’s not easy for me. But I learned a lot! It’s fun to be a parent not until when your kids got sick. One time when our first baby got a diaper rash, I panic right away. I called my husband and told him about it and he says it’s fine. He will buy diaper rash when he gets home. But seeing my child crying and being uncomfortable with her diaper because of the rash makes me very sad. I felt what she felt and it makes me cry. Good thing because my friend recommend me the Boudreaux's Butt Paste. This is very effective cream for diaper rash. It’s pediatrician recommended and when we went to my doctor, my doctor also recommend me this butt paste. It works for my little baby and I am sure it works for your baby too. If your baby had irritated skin or had a bad diaper rash, you can get your own free sample by visiting their website. Don't wait until diaper rash get worst! It happens to any baby's, so let them feel better and be a happy baby as they used to be. Hurry and get your free sample now or get the Boudreaux's Butt Paste to treat your baby diaper rash!

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Breast Augmentation Honolulu

I went to my doctor's appointment last December for my physical check up. I was kind a hesitate to do it since I have my period that time but my doctor was so nice, she told me that was okay, I don't need to feel embarrassed about it because she does it most of the time with all of her patients. She check my breast and I feel uncomfortable because my right breast was small and not the same size as the other one. She smiled at me and she end up talking about one of her patients who plan to undergo a Breast Augmentation. She told me if I am interested and I say maybe not this time. It's way too expensive and we can't afford it. My husband like the way it is and I am happy with that.

Talking about this subject about breast augmentation, I heard that Breast Augmentation Honolulu has a great surgeon Dr, Schlesinger. He's been in this field for 29 years in Hawaii and he did 17,700 procedures. So I am sure you will get the best results you wanted. If you are thinking to get Honolulu Breast Implants or Honolulu Breast Surgery, you can visit their website at and don't forget to sign up for a free consultation or call them at this number Maui: 808-871-7502.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

special occasion dresses

When I look up in my closet, I only found few dresses that I like, I wore them when we go on meeting, I don't wear dresses a lot unless if there's no special occasion. I am not a type of girl that has a tons of clothes in the dresser, I am such a simple girl who just love simple things. I admire those nice special occasion dresses that most women wear especially on a bridal occasion. I don't own one because when I became a bridesmaid in one of my friends wedding, we just rented the dress together with all the bridal gowns and stuff. So if you want to own a special occasion dresses, you might like to take a look at, they have great special occasion dresses that you might like. Visit now and see their spring collection for this year 2011.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

flowers for you honey!

Hubby is so sweet, he bought me pink flowers. When he get home, he says “flowers for you honey”. I say, what occasion beh? He said, we don’t need occasion to give you  flowers or gifts. I Just want to say how much I love you. It melts my heart when he say that. Isn’t he sweet?  That's why I love him so much! Love You bebeh!