Friday, February 25, 2011

la flor dominicana double ligero

When I hear about cigars, it reminds me of my papa. My papa love to smoke cigars and even my grandpa. I think this is the reason why he got sick because he smoke too much and drink a lot too. I never try smoking even before when I was in the Philippines. My mom will probably scolded me if she saw me smoking cigars. Some of my friends is a smoker but they only use those cheap cigars available in the market. We went to the mall last week and I noticed one of the store who are selling electronic cigars, that’s really cool! They are look expensive but yet very affordable. There are many kinds of cigars that you can find at the store and if you are looking for a famous cigars, then you need to visit the, they have the la flor dominicana double ligero and I heard that this cigar are awesome.

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