Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dustin got a new hair cut!

Before he got his haircut

After he got his haircut

Yesterday, we decided to take Dustin to the Saloon to get his hair cut. Since Dana is not feeling well, Mike took Dustin to the Saloon and me and Dana stay at home. They also went to one of the Charter School here in the Valley to get the information because Dustin will go to school this Fall. He is very excited to go school this year and I am sure he will be okay. He is a smart boy and he learn a lot already, I am sure he won’t have hard time catching up all the lessons. So that means, I will be busy that time to bring and pick him up at school. Anyway, that will be this coming fall and I am excited too as well. When they get home, I was very surprised because Dustin has really a good hair cut. It looks good on him and my husband is very happy with the outcome on his hair cut. The hair stylish who cut Dustin’s hair did pretty good! Here are the photos, before and after.


thoughts of a sahm said...

goodness, ka uber curly man diay sa hair ni dustin

Femikey said...

mao gyud, bsta dry iya hair mao ng nasa first pic gituyo pud na patindog sa ako bana iya hair para makita kong unsa kabaga iya hair, curly pud au, kapoy atiman, thats why were glad to get him a new hair cut :)