Monday, February 14, 2011

Went to Cabelas

This photo taken last friday when we went to Cabelas. We bought an Iron Skillet. Wow, Iron Skillet is pretty heavy but my husband said, when you cook your food in an iron skillet, the food will be taste good. The flavor is so much different than you cook it in a regular pan. Anyhow, the animals in the photo is not real, it's just a decoration at the store. Pretty good isn't it? My kids loves it that's why we keep coming back to Cabelas every time we go to the mall.


eilleen said...

there's a way on how to wash it and maintain the iron on it ;) NO dishwasher soap please.

Femikey said...

hehehe, ur right lolz :) well i forgot to add the cast iron skillet ;)