Monday, February 7, 2011

Orlando Police Harassment

Have you been caught by a policeman because of over speeding because I don’t. I am still very fortunate that I never got a ticket since I got my driver license. Most drivers are not aware with it, they are just driving like crazy and not even care the speed limit, no wonder they got a ticket and get caught by a policeman. There are some police out there too harassing those person they caught. Have you heard anyone or know someone who encounter this situation where the police harassing him/her?
I’ve been here in the United States for more than 5 years now and I never heard about such thing here in the Valley. But when I look up online and search the topic about police harassment, there are many of them been experienced this police harassment thing especially in Orlando. One of this is the one I read in, that’s kind a scary and hopefully it won’t happen to me in the future. So if you encounter Police harassment, you can share it to and let be heard to everyone! This Police harassment should stop and to all drivers out there don’t let this happen to you and if it happens, tell someone whom you can trust. Visit and look for Police harassment topic.

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