Saturday, November 29, 2008

My New Sewing Machine...

Im so happy when Mike bought me a new Brother Sewing Machine that has 50 stitches for only $139.00 at Walmart yesterday. Since i started to make a baby quilt and finished my first project, im starting to liking it and i want to make another one. The problem is, i dont have sewing machine thats why im using Kathy's sewing machine. I go to their house every once a week or it depends if she's not busy and she will teach me the basic. I have money on my paypal and when i transfer it to our account, Mike said maybe we can use that money to buy sewing machine so that i dont need to go to my friends house just to start my second project. Im so happy with it and here i am now, busy practicing my new sewing machine! :-)

Nikon BDC Slam Hunter's Package

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sketch of the day!

I saw this cute kid photo on one of our watchtower magazine and it really caught my attention. So i decided to make a sketch of her. Its been a long time since i draw, i think its almost 5 months since i do my last sketch hehe :-) Anyway, here is my latest sketch of the day. So, hope you all like it! have a great day!

Get supercharger for your auto now!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

300 ec drop

At last! i reach the 300 ec drop yesterday. Im so happy with it but i need to drop more ec so that the credits to advertise my blog will increase. I am not really into dropping thing but since i heard that ec dropping can help increase your traffic and get unique visitors on your blog then this is the best thing to do. Im kind a lazy to drop 300 per day but will see... i want to try and get more traffic so that i can get my page rank back. Please dont forget to drop ec before you leave! happy blogging everyone!

Save money on eyeglasses!

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Cute Blogger Award!

Thanks to Rosemarie and Rechie for giving me this "cute blogger award". I am very flattered and at the same time thankful to those 2 wonderful blogger who sent me this award. Well.. this award fits me well too because im cute in my height lols :-) many people says that im cute and tiny as being preggy and mommy. Anyway... thanks again for this award ladies!

Here are the rules:
- Each blogger must post these rules.
- Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
- Bloggers that are tagged need to write ten facts about themselves.
- You need to choose ten people to tag and list their names.
- Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged and also to read your blog.

Here are my 10 random facts:
1. Im the breed winner in our family.
2. Im the second youngest.
3. Im friendly and easy to be with.
4. Im a crying baby.
5. I love my family so much that i will do everything for them.
6. I am contented of what i have right now.
7. I am happy!
8. I am not good on shopping, it takes me a while to find what im looking for.
9. I am not a good cook but my husband said i am improving this time hehe :-)
10. I love being around with my husband and my 2 year old son.

I am passing this tag to my fellow bloggers namely: Beth, Chy, Dexie, Elaine, Weng, Janet, Sarah, Laradee, Joemadel and Ivy.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Boost your engine with turbocharger!

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Get ready for dinner...

We need to get ready now! we are invited to have dinner tonight at my friends house. They are also a witness and she is a Filipina! So its nice that we can get together tonight. We invited them last 2-3 weeks ago i think and today they are the one who invite us to come to their house to have dinner with them. Isn't that nice? So, now i dont need to prepare for our dinner, in a few minutes we will go already. So see yah people and thanks for visiting my blog! Nice to see you all around! Happy Blogging!

Friday, November 21, 2008

My new EC Logo and Layout!

My New Entrecard Logo

My new layout!

Ivy just sent me my new entrecard logo and the copy of my layout draft this morning and im so happy with it. Now, i can change my ec logo into a new one. By the way here is the copy of my layout draft and hope you will like it! So if you are planning to dress up your blog and get a blog make over then i will recommend Designer Chic. Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bare with me People!

To all bloggers out there! bare with me okay? because i still need to re-post my blogroll again. If you're not on the list please let me know and i will add you as soon as i can. I will do that tomorrow morning because its already late here. Happy blogging everyone!

Blog Makeover

At last my new template is done, thanks a lot to Ivy (The Designer Chic). She did a good job! I thought it will take about a days or weeks before it get done but i was very surprised because she finished my blog make over for one day. Hmm let me say about few hours hehe :-) Anyway, i am very pleased of what my layout look like right now, im tired of seeing my old layout all the time and while i have enough earnings to my paypal for this month, so i decided to purchase layout from Ivy for a very affordable price. Here is my new layout! Hope you like it and keep visiting my blog!

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Real Person Award

Thank you so much Rechie for this wonderful award. I am very flattered that i am one of your nominees to have this "Real Person Award". I really appreciate it and thanks for your friendship. Keep visiting my blog and have a great day everyone!

Here are the Rules for the Award:
1. Please put the logo on your blog
2. Place a link to the person from whom you received the award
3. Nominate at least 7 or more blogs
4. Put the links of those blogs on your blog
5. Leave a message on their blogs to tell them.

Here nominees:
1. Shy
2. Rosemarie
3. Weng
4. Janet
5. Nancy
6. Laradee
7. Beth
8. Elaine
9. Rojoy
10. Joydob

Back to my old phone!

Its time to go back to my old phone the LGVX6100 because my new LG Chocolate in Black Cherry was broken, our big dog chewed it. I was really frustrated about what happen to my favorite new phone but I cant do anything about it. Anyway, I can still use my old phone so maybe I will use that and if we have enough budget then we can buy a new phone as a replacement for my new phone.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Party Ideas

Do you like parties? I am sure you do! Me too, I love party but not as much as I like when I live in the Philippines. I don’t celebrate holiday party but I love to attend everyday parties except if its holiday occasions. Anyway, Thanksgiving is coming and I am sure all of you are busy thinking about what to prepare on thanksgiving party. If you have problem and need to look for more party ideas online then is the right website for you. Why? Because they provide the top 10 party ideas to help you decide what to do on your party either its Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday or any holiday occasions.

I know that all of you are excited this coming Christmas too, I remember when I was in the Philippines, me and my friend always planning ahead of time for our Christmas party and its kind a hard sometimes because you need to think about what food to prepare or how should we finalized our plan for our coming Christmas Party. It takes a while before it gets done you know. Im glad because I found this website at and now if ever we have plan for any holiday parties then I can just browse their website and get ideas with them. Not only that you can get party ideas but also you can share your ideas to everyone! Visit now and start planning your event now with the help of the party ideas from!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Not feel well...

Blog Pictures | acobox.comI was supposed to go on service this morning but too bad i dont feel good. I had this scratchy thing on my throat and it seems like i will going to have a hard cough, i still have my runny nose and i still sneeze a lot. Just kind a allergy but i dont know... well, maybe... i try to call my nurse but i remember that today is Saturday and they are closed today. I just want to ask what kind of medication i need to take that won't affect the baby. I search online and i came across this website at they have information about medication for pregnant women and i saw the cough symptoms on it and it says i can take a cough drops: Halls, Vicks or lemon drops, robitussin DM. We have Halls in our medicine closet and i try that one and i think it works okay and also i have "whiteflower" its a oil medicine, i bought it from the philippines and i just put little bit on my nose and in my throat. I feel little bit okay now but im still coughing though hehe :-) Hopefully i will feel better soon so that we can go meeting tomorrow :-)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Answer to your questions about diet pills...

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North Carolina health insurance

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Friday, November 7, 2008

Las Vegas NV

We been to las vegas nv last year and next year? I cant wait to go back their again. That’s the place I really want to visit because the place are very spectacular. Big buildings, hotels and casinos and you see the lights everywhere especially at night. Actually we are planning to visit their again, maybe next year. So if you are planning your vacation to Vegas and you are looking for the best hotel with a great price? Why not try They offer the finest Las Vegas Hotels at excellent rates all in one place. Check out also their promotion page for a list of the best deals in Vegas. Visit now and start planning your vacation in las vegas nv!

Estate Sale...

Going to Estate Sale and Garage sale is the thing Mike and I do. Sometimes we go on Weekends, trying to look for a good stuff like furniture, baby clothes and home decor. This morning, we went to one of the best Estate Sale here in Grand Junction but too bad we cant find anything we like. Well... actually i found a dining room set for only $75, its a good deal though because that dining room is really nice. Some of their furniture are already sold, too bad because the one we like is already sold. Hmmm better luck next time. There's not so much yard sale today just only few. Maybe they are done for the year because winter is coming. Its kind a cold and breezy this morning, so instead of going to other garage sale, we decided to go to KHOLS to buy maternity clothes and other things for Dustin. We had lunch here in the house and today while Mike's sleeping and taking a rest, i check my blog advertising and thank God because they are giving me 2 tasked for the day. hehe :-)

Great Eyeglasses for Less!

Eyeglasses is very important especially to those people who love to read. Eyeglasses is not only for reading. There are many reasons why people wants to wear eyeglasses. Like me, I like to wear stylish eyeglasses to protect my eyes from the sun. Guess what? I just lost my eyeglasses and I need to get a new pear of eyeglasses. Good thing because Zenni Optical has all the eyeglasses I need for a very cheap price. How about you? Want to get a new pair of eyeglasses from Zenni? They have Great Eyeglasses For Less, you can get it for only $8.00. If you like eyeglasses with variable dimension then maybe you might get the Variable Dimension Frames from Zenni. I was also surprised because Zenni Optical was on FOX news! So it means that their eyeglasses product are popular and many people like it because not only that you can pay less but also you can get a complete prescription eyeglasses you need. What are you waiting for? Order online now and visit!

Monday, November 3, 2008

My baby quilt was finished!

At last, im done with my baby quilt project hehe :-) I finished it this morning and im so happy with the results. I just bought another fabric for the backing and border and i think the color i've choosed really matched to the pattern. I was very excited to see the results and Kathy told me that we can do the hand quilting design to make it more look nicer. Of course i agree with it and i think we will do that this coming Thursday night while Mike having bookstudy with Bob. So will see... by the way here's the picture of my finished project hehe :-)